Influencer’s Landlord Exposes Her Double Life In ‘Disgusting’ Video Of Her Flat

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Influencer's landlord exposes her double life with disgusting flatPear Video

An influencer who regularly shows off her lavish lifestyle has been called out by her landlord for leaving her rented flat covered in rubbish and dog poo. 

It’s easy to be jealous of what you see on social media, whether it’s mouthwatering meals, expensive holidays or designer clothes.


However, Ms Chen, landlord of Chinese influencer Lisa Li, used a video of Lisa’s flat to prove it’s all too easy to lie to followers by simply showing snapshots of your life.

While the social media personality appears to live a life of glamour, this is the reality of her living situation:


According to BBC News, Ms Chen told Pear Video microblogger Lisa, who has racked up 1.1 million followers on the Chinese social media site Weibo, owed her 3,000 yuan (£341) in unpaid bills for the flat in the northern city of Xi’an.


The landlord reportedly tried to contact Lisa multiple times but had no success.

Fed up, she decided to film the video and share it online, revealing her tenant was an online influencer with more than a million followers.

The video has since been viewed over six million times, resulting in a trending Weibo hashtag which translates to ‘female internet celebrity left apartment full of poop’.

Influencer's double life exposed by landlordPear Video

The footage shows Lisa’s flat strewn with old food, trash and dog mess. Speaking to The Paper, as per the BBC, the influencer claimed her absence from the flat to be the result of a tight schedule, saying she went into hospital last week before going on a business trip.

She added she decided to leave her dog at the flat as she didn’t want to take it elsewhere, though it’s unclear whether anyone was checking in on the dog or helping to look after it.

As for why she ignored her landlord’s calls, Lisa said she received a large number of messages and had seemingly missed Ms Chen’s.

Influencer's double life exposed by landlordPear Video

Ms Chen claimed professional cleaners refused to touch the ‘disgusting’ flat and said she had to resort to contacting the police about damage and the money she was owed.

After the video went viral, the influencer met with her landlord and the pair were filmed shaking hands. Another clip, posted to Lisa’s Weibo account, showed her apologising to her followers after they criticised her for leaving the flat so dirty.

Influencer's double life exposed by landlordPear Video

The social media personality told her landlord ‘complete responsibility lies with me on this incident’, BBC News reports. She also vowed to ‘clean overnight’ in order to restore her flat, with one clip showing the normally glamorous woman sweeping up dog poo into a dustpan.


Her vow to clean up seems to be too little too late for some fans, however, as many have called the influencer ‘fake’, saying they will stop following her account.

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    Lisa Li: Angry landlord exposes online star's 'double life'

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