Influencers Are Now Leaving Their Instagram Accounts To People In Their Will


Influencers Are Now Leaving Their Instagram Accounts To People In Their Willkyliejenner/Instagram/cristiano/Instagram

Instagram influencers are able to leave their accounts to their loved ones when they die, to ensure all that time spent adding filters and coming up with relatable captions doesn’t go to waste. 

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your Instagram account after you die? Probably not, if you’re like me and your followers only just scrape triple digits. For the most part, the accounts are probably just left to gather digital dust before eventually being deactivated due to lack of use.


It’s a slightly depressing thought, but true nonetheless. Instagram has to make space for new generations of users somehow.

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It seems some people just can’t bear to think of their accounts being left to decay with nothing to show for it, though, because it is now possible to include Instagram accounts in your will.

If influencer culture has taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to make money from social media. Some dedicated users have propelled themselves to fame through the platform and are now earning thousands with every post, with the help of sponsors and advertisers.


Other users didn’t need Instagram to be famous but now have a massive following on the platform, allowing them to share and promote their views to a huge audience – power that is valuable in itself.

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As a result, Instagram accounts have value attached to them, so if left in a will they could provide the recipient with a very tidy sum. Obviously the worth is related to the popularity of the account, so it wouldn’t be worth everyone adding their Instagram to their will, but it makes sense for big name influencers to make the effort.

My account is worth a grand total of £1.46, so I’m not sure my loved ones would be very impressed if I offered that, but Kylie Jenner’s family could be looking at a nice £550,582 if she decides to bequeath her account.


Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the most Instagram followers in the world with 206 million, could add £688,983 to his estate if he decides to share his popular Instagram page.

Admittedly, a few hundred thousand pounds probably wouldn’t make that much difference to whoever is inheriting celebrities’ assets, but I suppose every little counts!

The values are estimated by, which calculates worth based on a variety of metrics, though the largest value is derived from the quantity of followers an account has, with a figure of £0.0033 per follower.


The site explains:

This is how much the account can make via brand collaborations per sponsored post. If someone was to inherit your social media following, this is how much it would be worth within your will.

The will-making site has seen an increase in enquires for Instagram accounts to be added to wills, explaining ‘influencers use their social media accounts as a revenue stream, and are looking to protect this just like any business asset’.

You can find out how much your Instagram account is worth here.


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