How A Hot Water Bottle Can Get You Through A Heatwave


How A Hot Water Bottle Can Get You Through A HeatwavePixabay

If you’re living in England, I don’t need to tell you that it’s hot. If you’re from a typically hot country and you’re confused about why this is big news, it’s because Brits are not very good at coping with heat. 

Temperatures have been exceeding 30°C over the past few days, and with very few homes equipped with air conditioning, it’s becoming increasingly unpleasant.


Windows have never been opened so wide, cold showers have never been more useful, and ice trays have never worked so hard. While we have these few savours, however, it’s still hot enough to warrant a complaint every few minutes.

With this in mind, me telling you to dig out a hot water bottle might seem like the ramblings of someone who’s spent a bit too long in the sun. And although that’s definitely what I’ve been doing, hear me out.

As the name suggests, hot water bottles are made for holding hot water and keeping you warm, but they can also be used to store freezing-cold water and ice, which in turn will allow the bottle to emit a nice, cool air.


The Hot Water Bottle Shop recommends using such a method to help cool you down before bed, though in this heat I imagine most Brits will carry around a cold water bottle constantly, like an extra limb.

Hot water bottle (Pixabay)Pixabay

The containers could be placed in bed to help ensure the sheets are nice and crisp before the inevitable night of tossing and turning in the heat, or as a quick cool-down method for when you’ve been a bit too active.

Though it will of course be tempting to press the bottle as close as possible to your skin to encourage maximum relief, it’s advised that you wrap the container in a towel if it doesn’t already have a cover to prevent overexposure to the cold.


Here’s hoping the method will make these too-hot days more bearable!

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