Hooters Server Reveals How Much She Makes On Tips

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A Hooters server has revealed the eye-watering amount she makes through tips at her job, and it’s sparked an interesting conversation.

Kirsten Songer, who works at a South Carolina branch of the restaurant chain, recently posted a video to TikTok answering a common question asked of people working in the service industry, explaining the huge importance of tipping when it comes to helping waiters and waitresses actually make a living.

In her video, Songer tabs up all the tips she made during her different shifts, explaining that the amount varies wildly between ‘great shifts and then some not-so-hot shifts’.

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As an example, she shows how while on one day she was only able to make $50 in tips, on a another she brought in more than $400, with one customer tipping $60 by himself as a thank you for ‘talking to him’.

In total, Songer made just over $1,300 in tips, which, if that was her average take-home every week, would put her comfortably above the median wage for workers in her state.

As she points out, tipping is never guaranteed and can often fluctuate wildly, but with her wage at Hooters set at only $2.13 an hour, she’s reliant on customers to make a living.

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Songer’s video has gained a lot of interest on TikTok, with most people commenting to express their shock at the financial reality of life as a Hooters server.

‘$2.13 is ridiculous. I don’t get how this can even be legal,’ one person commented, while another wrote, ‘That’s why it’s important to tip! That’s what we rely on!’

As Insider points out, $2.13 is currently the state minimum wage in South Carolina, with the hourly wage at Hooters chains in other states varying.

Interest in working conditions at Hooters has peaked over the past week after a number of the restaurant chain’s staff took to social media to complain about new uniform’s issued by the company. Several female servers criticised the introduction of new shorts which were made mandatory by the company, comparing them to ‘underwear’ and revealing they were initially told to wear the new uniform or hand in their resignation.

Hooters has since walked back the changes, saying employees would be allowed to choose which style of shorts to wear. In a statement the company said ‘as we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones.’

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