Guy Sticks Bird Poop Stickers To Bikes To Stop People Stealing Them

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Guy Sticks Bird Poop Stickers To Bikes To Stop People Stealing ThemTorinounchi/happy_1242/Twitter

There’s nothing worse than wanting to head home after a long day at work to discover your bike has been robbed, but now one guy has thought of a genius way to stop this happening.

29-year-old Motoki Reoga from Saitama, Japan, designed a sticker that looks like bird poo to put on your seat to deter people from stealing your bike. I mean, no one wants to ride a bike with bird poop on the seat, right?

Motoki designed the sticker as part of his studies in Kansei Design at Chiba Institute of Technology, which he went on to win a prize of excellence for.


According to research Motoki conducted, one bike in Japan is stolen every 15 minutes. Of the 35,395 stolen bikes in 2018, 42% of them were locked properly; something that spurred him on to create the innovative idea.

To see if his theory worked, Motoki conducted a social experiment where he placed 1,000 bikes with bird poop stickers on the street without locking them properly. Over the duration of five days, none of the bikes with the stickers on were stolen.

Motoki put his clever invention on crowdfunding site Makuake and successfully raised 450,000 JPY ($4,234.61), exceeding its original target of 200,000 JPY ($1882.05), reported 9GAG.


He took to the site to thank people for their donations.

Motoki wrote:

Thank you for your help. This is the real tree of the Bird Poop Project. All returns have been shipped safely, and the first crowdfunding is over! I am very pleased to have achieved a great success with the support of many people. Thank you very much!

The stickers are also suitable for motorbikes – however, if you don’t fancy the stickers, Motoki has also created a removable bike seat with the bird poop on too.

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  1. 9GAG

    Japanese Man Develops Bird Poop Sticker To Combat Bicycle Theft Problem

Niamh Shackleton
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