Guy Presents PowerPoint To Woman He Wants To ‘Hypothetically Date’

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Guy gives powerpoint to girl he wants to dateMax Galyen/TikTok

Some people spout chat-up lines, others send flowers, but one guy used a PowerPoint presentation to win over a woman he wanted to date. 

Berner Moreno and Nicole Harris attended the same high school in Arizona, however they didn’t really cross paths until college, when they were introduced properly through a mutual friend.


Though Harris had thought Moreno was a ‘cutie’, the pair were never more than friends – until the determined man decided to try and win her over.

Check out his method here:


Speaking to UNILAD, Harris explained Moreno had told her she was ‘going to be [his] first girlfriend’, telling friends ‘just watch’. She responded that he had to show her ‘data as to why [they] should be together’ and although she meant it as a joke Moreno was more than willing to take on the challenge.


The very next day, the hopeful man stood up in front of Harris and a group of their friends, ready to explain exactly why the couple would be good together.

Moreno told UNILAD:

At that time I was in a public speaking class, and I learned that if you want to persuade people you need to have data and logistics.

I was so nervous about it all.

Guy gives powerpoint to girl he wants to dateMax Galyen/TikTok

When it came to presenting evidence on how good their hypothetical relationship would be, the student used a love calculator and star sign compatibility, while also pointing out all the pros of his personality.

To really seal the deal, he included some made-up data about the success of couples who had been asked out through PowerPoint. Though Moreno didn’t specify what the data said, I think it’s safe to assume his fabricated couples had great success rates.

Moreno described Harris’s reaction to his efforts, explaining:

She was so happy and surprised, but I could tell she appreciated the gesture.

Guy gives powerpoint to girl he wants to dateMax Galyen/TikTok

Footage of the brilliant presentation was taken by Max Galyen, who shared it on his Instagram and TikTok pages. Naturally, Moreno’s creative wooing strategy took the world by storm and the video has since been shared across the internet, racking up more than 64,000 likes.

Galyen told UNILAD Moreno was ‘super-prepared’ when it came to winning over Harris, adding ‘it was awesome’.

The TikTok user continued:


I thought the whole thing was super cute and original and I was cheering for Berner the whole time.

But of course the real question is, was the PowerPoint really successful?

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cruisin' ❤️💃🛳

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You’ll be glad to know it was.

Galyen filmed the video in December 2018, and after going on their first date the very next day, Harris and Moreno have now been together for 10 months.

Harris recalled her reaction to the PowerPoint, saying:

The fact he actually [showed me data], and was so cute about it, won me over. I loved all of it.

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the ostriches are cute but he's cuter

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After the video of the presentation was shared across the internet, some people have been wishing for PowerPoints of their own:

Moreno has obviously set the bar high when it comes to dating!

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