Guy Discovers Creepy Secret Staircase And Room Hidden Behind His Wall


Guy Discovers Creepy Secret Staircase And Room Hidden Behind His Wall@loganhunter_p/TikTok

After discovering a mysterious staircase, a man ventured into a ‘secret room’ in his apartment.

We may officially be out of the spooky season, but there’s still eerie discoveries to be had on TikTok. For example, a woman discovered a number of unnerving crawl spaces and other strange spots throughout her rental home – and her landlord couldn’t seem to give a reasonable explanation.


When you move into a new place, particularly rented accommodation, you’ll likely come across a few oddities. For some, it’s weird placements of plugs and switches; for this guy, it’s a whole other room inside his apartment.

@loganhunter_pabout to go to work so i will make a part 2 when i get back! ##hiddenroom##secretroom##fml♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

Logan Hunter (@loganhunter_p) came across a wall that seemed really wobbly and gave off an echo if you hit it, suggesting there wasn’t anything solid behind it. Curiosity got the better of him, and he soon took it apart to see what was hiding. Soon, he came across a staircase leading up to a dark room.


In a second video, he takes the leap and embarks up the stairs to see what’s actually in the room. With barely any light bar his phone to help him, he finally makes it to the top.

@loganhunter_ppt 2 of the secret room in my apartment♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

It’s basically a big loft in dire need of some TLC. ‘I dunno, this is so cute… this is so cool,’ he says in the clip, admitting he’s afraid to walk anywhere because of the nails, glass and other bits and bobs lying around. ‘Okay, new smoking spot, just discovered,’ he adds.


‘Landlord probably didn’t want to invest in making it liveable. So, closed it off,’ one user suggested in the comments. ‘Three minutes of terror just to end with… ooo a new smoking spot,’ another joked. ‘You’re really brave I would not be going up there at night, but I’m glad it turned out so cool,’ a third wrote.

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