Guy Buys Cheap iPhone Online, Gets Sent iPhone-Shaped Coffee Table Instead

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Guy Buys Cheap iPhone Online, Gets Sent iPhone-Shaped Coffee Table Insteadเอาไปแบ่งกันดู/Facebook

A teenager in Thailand realised he’d fallen victim to the dangers of online shopping when his iPhone order turned out to be a massive iPhone-shaped coffee table. 

As fun and easy as online shopping can be, I think we’ve all learned one way or another that it can’t always be trusted. Clothes that look beautiful on models can be unflattering and misshapen, stunning artwork can arrive in all the wrong colours, and your carefully chosen furniture for the living room can end up being for a doll’s house.

The customer in this particular story learned this lesson when he stumbled upon what appeared to be a great deal for one of Apple’s beloved iPhones.

Man buys iPhone-shaped coffee tableเอาไปแบ่งกันดู/Facebook

While the shipping costs were a bit higher than he expected, the teen couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get his hands on the device for such a low price, and his fate was sealed almost as quickly as you can say ‘add to basket’.

The wannabe iPhone-owner shared his story on social media, and it’s clear from the images he shared that he would have realised something was wrong as soon as the order was delivered.

We all know what an iPhone looks like, right? More importantly, we know the approximate size of an iPhone – they fit fairly neatly in your hand. So when a cardboard box that measured a good few feet in length arrived, it was clear mistakes had been made.

Man buys iPhone-shaped coffee tableเอาไปแบ่งกันดู/Facebook

After opening the box, the teen realised he hadn’t actually ordered one of Apple’s phones, but a large iPhone-shaped table.

According to the Oriental Daily, the customer later admitted he hadn’t checked the details of his order quite as closely as he probably should have.

The unfortunate tale quickly gained attention on social media, with many people using it to flag the importance of taking care when shopping online.

It’s unclear whether the teen attempted to return his phone-shaped table after realising his mistake, but it’s possible that he chose to admit defeat and accept the iPhone as it was.

iPhone shaped coffee tableyour10x10/Instagram

On the off-chance an iPhone-shaped table is exactly what you’re on the lookout for then they can be found online, for example, with the South-Korean company 10×10, which has shared images of the table in use, with the sim card slot of the giant phone turned into a drawer for extra storage.

Unless you’re in the mood for a surprise, let this teen’s story be a cautionary tale for all you internet shopping fans out there.

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    Place an order without seeing it clearly. Man buys online and collects his mobile phone at the table

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