Girl’s Reaction To Prank Christmas Present Is The Purest Thing You’ll See Today

Emily Brown


Girl's Reaction To Prank Christmas Present Is The Purest Thing You'll See TodayCONTENTbible

Christmas day is an exciting time for most children as it brings with it the promise of presents from Santa, found under the tree and just waiting to be unwrapped.

Parents often go to great lengths to ensure their little ones have the perfect Christmas, hunting for hours for their favourite toy or the latest popular releases, but footage of one little girl proves that sometimes the simplest gifts are the most successful.

Dressed in an adorable Christmas-themed costume, the little girl could be seen grinning at the camera as she waited excitedly to open the oddly-shaped gift.

Check out what she got below:


The grown-ups in the room raised the hype as they told the young girl the object was going to be her ‘favourite present’, and her reaction appears to prove they were right.

Ripping into the wrapping paper, the happy youngster uncovered a head of broccoli and yelled out in delight before hugging the vegetable to her chest.

Some parents go through all sorts of routines in a bid to get their child to eat more greens, trying everything from hiding it amongst other foods to disguising it as an aeroplane, but maybe wrapping it up and placing it under a Christmas tree would be a more successful way to elicit excitement.

Child hugs broccoli (Contentbible)CONTENTbible

That being said, it’s unclear whether the girl would have been as happy if she were faced with the idea of eating the vegetable – she seemed more interested in playing with the green ‘toy’ as she threw it up into the air and allowed it to bounce off her head.

As the video came to a close with a round of cheers, I think it’s safe to say that was one successful Christmas morning.

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Emily Brown
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