Girl Gives Guy Number On Night Out, Receives Ridiculous Request In Morning

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In the age of Tinder, Grindr, Happn and all the other dating apps out there, it’s refreshing to hear a story about two people exchanging numbers the (relatively) old fashioned way.

This story of an exchange of numbers between two people is, however, not as refreshingly old fashioned as you’d think, as it turns out the guy (surprise surprise!) turned out to be not as generous as he first came across.

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The bemusing incident went down between student paramedic Chlo Matthews and a guy known only as ‘Danny From Atik’.

As Chlo succinctly explained on Twitter:

So a guy bought me a drink when I was out last night and I gave him my number and…


She then posted a screenshot of the texts they two had shared the next morning.

It went something like this:

Danny From Atik: Hey who’s this?x

Chlo Matthews: Aha we met in atik last night x

DFA: O ye dennim [sic] dress?x

CM: That’s the one x

DFA: Nice one ;) could you transfer me for those drinks I bought you last nite since we didn’t go home togeva [sic] wasn’t really worth my time was it lol x I know, shocking, who spells it ‘togeva’?

Anyway, the exchange led Chlo to quit going out altogeva, as she added: ‘Chlo Matt is officially retiring from nights out’.


Hopefully it’s all a joke, and Danny From Atik is just having a laugh. If not though, DFA really has got it all wrong.

Firstly, he seems to think the monetary equivalent of going home with someone is the price of a drink or two. However, he reveals the real reason he wants his money back is because he thinks the exchange wasn’t worth his time, not reimbursement for the drinks. So actually, he’s saying for someone to spend time with him, drinks or not, they have to pay him unless they go home together. Baffling.

Chlo’s tweet has so far garnered almost 4,000 retweets and over 25,500 likes. Naturally, there were more than a few suggestions as to what to do with DFA.


Many people suggested getting his bank details and making a donation to charity in his name, some people said she should transfer 1p to let him know what his time was really worth.

While others thought maybe DFA was on to something, suggesting the idea of creepy insurance for nights out:


Of course, Chlo made it clear she wouldn’t be transferring him a penny.

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Chlo Matthews/Twitter
  1. Chlo Matthews/Twitter


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