‘Ghost’ Seen In Eerie Doorbell Camera Footage As Dad Takes Out Rubbish

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'Ghost' Seen In Eerie Doorbell Camera Footage As Dad Takes Out RubbishLiverpool ECHO/YouTube

A man has revealed a possible sighting of paranormal activity captured on his doorbell camera footage. 

Phil Johnson took to social media to share footage from his Ring doorbell in utter confusion as to what he saw appear just seconds after he was recorded taking the rubbish out.

The 31-year-old father said his friends have been left similarly confused by the strange sighting.

Johnson explained the footage ‘sticks for a few seconds’ before showing him ‘walking back into the house’, Bristol Post reports.

He said:

I have no idea what that is. I have watched it over and over still don’t understand what happened.

I am not at all into ghosts or the supernatural. And I don’t want any ghostbuster types coming around here to investigate this.

Johnson reflected that ‘nothing like this has ever happened’ to him before. ‘I don’t know what that object is. My partner thinks it’s weird and is a bit freaked out by it,’ he said.

He said even his friends ‘think it is strange’, and that while he ‘never used to believe in ghosts‘ he does now.

Other social media users disagreed with the sighting being a result of anything paranormal. One said: ‘That was the guys breath coming out of his mouth because it was COLD. People think everything is a ghost or something creepy!’

Another wrote:

THAT is vehicle exhaust in cold air. It can be seen coming from that area even though the video has been edited to hide it. It is no mystery unless you have never observed the outside world.

A third commented: ‘Next door neighbour having a ciggy. Ghosts don’t smoke for health reasons.’

While many would argue that the footage simply shows the exhalation of cigarette smoke, a gust of wind and dust, or a glitch within the recording, others, similarly to Johnson, may see it as a potential ghost sighting.

And for those who do believe in paranormal activity and want to jump into the hunt themselves, you will be delighted to hear that none other than Twilight star Kristen Stewart is currently working on a reality show which mixes the LGBTQ+ community with the world of ghost hunting. So keep your eyes peeled.

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