Gen X Declare Themselves Superior After Diagram Showing What Generation You Are Goes Viral

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Gen X Declare Themselves Superior After Diagram Showing What Generation You Are Goes Viralsoniadeigh/Twitter/PA

A graphic linking birth years to generation labels has sparked widespread conversation as many of those belonging to Gen X declare themselves the best.

Members of each generation are typically always ready to defend their age group, with the pros and cons for each ‘generation’ often sparking big debate.


Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers are often the titles in the spotlight, but when one Twitter user shared an image labelling the generations, it was Gen X that started trending online.

With depictions of people ageing from young to old, the image labels Gen Z as being born between 1995-2015, Millennials born 1980-1994, Gen X as 1965-1979 and Baby Boomers between 1944-1964.

Gen X were quick to speak up as the image went viral, with Twitter users jumping on the trend and proclaiming it to be the superior generation, with one person writing: ‘Gen X is the best generation and we had the most awesome childhoods.’


Another person implied Gen X were the most laid-back of the generations, writing that as well as having ‘awesome music’, the age group are ‘tech savvy but not obnoxious about it’ and they ‘only care when you make us.’

A third wrote: ‘Gen X. I feel we were the ones who lived the best of both worlds. We played outside for hours on end. We had relatives who fought in WWII and some of them were alive and well to tell us about it. We got to use computers in college and feel very comfortable with technology.’


The labelling in the image itself has sparked some debate, with many arguing the associated birth years can vary and that the categories are inaccurate, though the backlash goes hand in hand with people attempting to defend their perceived generation and avoid other labels at all costs.

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Sonia Schmidt/Twitter
  1. Sonia Schmidt/Twitter


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