Frustrated Burglar Leaves Angry Note After Not Finding Enough Money


Frustrated Burglar Leaves Angry Note After Not Finding Enough MoneyAlamy

A burglar in India was left so dissatisfied with a person’s possessions that they left an angry note for the homeowner to find when they got back.

The incident recently took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district, with the homeowner returning last Saturday, October 9, to find jewellery stolen and thousands of rupees gone.


However, the thief also left a handwritten note before they fled with whatever they could get, complaining about the lack of money in the house.

As shared to Twitter by Anurag Dwary, the note read, ‘Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha collector’, translating to, ‘When there was no money, it should not have been locked, collector.’

A total of Rs 30,000 (£290) was stolen from the property and a few items of jewellery. It’s currently unclear exactly when the theft took place, given the homeowner had been away for two weeks before coming back.


As reported by The Indian Express, the burglar’s note was written with a government officer’s pen and pad. Local police have since launched an investigation.

The story was shared to social media, where many were surprised at the gall of the burglar to leave such a note. ‘Only in India can you get scolded by thieves who break into your home,’ one user wrote.

‘Why waste a precious thief’s time if you don’t have anything… their hard work is waste, my sympathy to the thief,’ another joked. ‘Thief would write the same words if he visits my house,’ a third commented. ‘I’m surprised they didn’t sue,’ another wrote.


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The Indian Express
  1. The Indian Express

    Disappointed burglar leaves message for SDM: ‘Why was the house locked when there was no money?’

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