Footage Shows Unusual Things In Japan Including Cat Islands And Haunted Apartments

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Footage Shows Unusual Things In Japan Including Cat Islands And Haunted Apartments@japanontiktok

It’s not new information that Japan can sometimes seem like a different world, but this video just proves it.

Japan is known for its impressive technology, and the country even boasts trains that have no drivers.

This driverless trains are shown in a TikTok video by @japanontiktok, in which people can be seen sat up front and centre as the train moves across the tracks.

Another snippet in the video shows a completely staff-less restaurant, as people are able to make their orders via a machine. It isn’t totally clear how the food is brought over to the customer once they’ve submitted their order, however…

Japanese Train (@japanontiktok/TikTok)@japanontiktok/TikTok

Apparently, Japan also has robots that are dedicated to creating zen gardens. These gardens are a huge part of Japanese culture, and were made with the purpose of offering monks a place to meditate Buddha’s teachings. They’re there to encourage others to meditate, too.

Moving over to the less tech-dominated side of Japan, the country has an island dedicated to cats. From the looks of the TikTok video, the cats are treated quite well on this island, as one furry friend can be seen having a nap in what appears to be a mini shrine, presumably made for the animals.

Then there’s the apartments you can hire. While most people would avoid supposedly haunted accommodation like the plague, some landlords in Japan highlight the fact that the apartment they’re renting out is haunted, and will offer cheap rental prices.

Check it out:


Fellow TikTokers have commented on the video sharing the amazement at how wonderful Japan looks. One person tagged a friend, writing, ‘Here for the cat island and could watch the robots all day, but let’s skip the haunted houses.’

Someone else said, ‘America claims to be such a powerful and intelligent country […] What a joke America is… look at Japan bruh, they’re way ahead of us.’

Many others posted similar comments that Japan seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of other countries in terms of its technology, while others branded the country as their ‘dream vacation’.

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