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Fisherman Glues Five-Inch Dildo To Boss’s Trousers In Prank

Niamh Shackleton

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A prankster fisherman glued a five-inch sex toy to his boss’s trousers – and it’s pretty hilarious.

Fisherman Stuart Jones glued a dildo to his skipper’s trousers while he left them unattended, and it stayed stuck on for hours.


Unsuspecting Wayne Coley then returned to his trousers, known as oilskins, to find an interested added extra on the front of them.

Fisherman Glues Five-Inch Dildo To Boss's Trousers In PrankKennedy News and Media

Talking about the hilarious ordeal, 52-year-old Stuart explained how he was laughing so much it hurt, but that may have just been the brisk sea air.

He said:


My face was so sore, I just couldn’t stop laughing.

The bit where Wayne is pulling at the sex toy and it’s just stretching, I crease at that every time.

It was a few weeks in the planning. Wayne always has his oilskins on when he is on deck and so I had to wait until I got the chance. He said he was going to the loo so I thought ‘right, perfect timing’.

I didn’t get the chance to see his reaction as I needed to go out onto the deck first.

It was a really poor day and the windows were misty so I was trying to watch his reaction through the window.

I only saw his reaction when he first came out wearing the pants and this thing was just waggling around. I saw the look in his eyes and just couldn’t stop laughing.

He said, ‘ah very fucking funny’. I think he was mostly laughing at my reaction, but he did find it really, really funny as well.

Fisherman Glues Five-Inch Dildo To Boss's Trousers In PrankKennedy News and Media

Stuart went  on to add that while Wayne is his skipper, they’re also really good friends and have been working together for nearly seven years.

Wayne being the good sport that he is, he then wore the trousers for quite some time both out of frustration, but also seeing the funny side of it all.


Stuart added:

He [Wayne] had it on for like three hours on the deck, I wanted him to keep it on until we got back onto land but he was like ‘No way’. He was having none of it.

I don’t know how he’ll get me back for this, we don’t prank each other often. I’m not really much of a practical joker but when I thought of that one I thought ‘right, I’ve got to do it’.

Luckily for Stuart, Wayne took the joke like a true champ, but I don’t think many bosses would have taken it so well. With that in mind, maybe don’t try this one at home, folks.

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Niamh Shackleton
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