Doctor Reveals What You Can Do With Your Limbs After Amputation And People Are Shocked


Doctor Reveals What You Can Do With Your Limbs After Amputation And People Are Shocked@dr.karanr/TikTok

A doctor has revealed what happens to someone’s limbs if they have them amputated.

TikTok star Dr. Karan Rajan told his 4.2 million followers about the gruesome side of having something surgically removed, and explained that people are allowed to keep their body parts.


Dr. Rajan was asked by someone on the popular video sharing platform, ‘What happens to body parts after they’re surgically removed?’

Doctors performing surgery (PA)PA

He said:

There’s three possible scenarios. As long as [the body part] isn’t in a biohazard [bag], it’s free from pathogens, and doesn’t pose a risk to public safety, you can keep it. That’s right, you can request to keep your amputated body part.


Dr. Raj continued to say that most hospitals will store people’s body parts for around 28 days. After this time frame, they then go inside a medical waste incinerator.

However, if you live in the UK, apparently you can’t legally cremate the limb of someone who’s still alive as it’s required by law that you need a death certificate to be able to cremate human remains. Not even the amputee themselves can discard of their body part.

Watch his video here:



With this in mind, people are allowed to bury their body parts instead. According to Dr. Raj, ‘There are dedicated limb burial sites and cemeteries all over.’

People have since shared their thoughts on the idea of being able to take your body parts home with you post-surgery.

One person wrote, ‘If you keep it, how do you store it? Should you just hang it above the fireplace or summthin? [sic]’

Meanwhile, another person said, ‘Just imagine going to your friend’s house and he shows off his amputated leg like it’s a Lego set.’


It could be good for Halloween, I guess?

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