Dad Walks Naked Through Water Park After Son-In-Law Pranked Him With Dissolving Shorts

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Dad Left Naked At Water Park After Son-In-Law Pranks Him With Dissolving ShortsCaters News Agency

Think you’re having a bad day? Well, at least you’re not this fella, who found himself walking around a water park completely naked thanks to his son-in-law’s cheeky prank.

Unsuspecting Dean Hague was having a family day out at a water park in Portugal when his swimming shorts quite literally fell off, leaving very little to the imagination.


The 53-year-old had been gifted the pair of ‘designer’ shorts from his son-in-law Luke Whitham, which turned out to be a pair of prank, dissolving shorts.

Fortunately, the entire thing was caught on camera, which you can watch here:


I challenge anyone to sit through that video with a straight face.


Dean and his family, all from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, were walking through the park when the water began to dissolve the pants, which had been a gift from 28-year-old Luke for their family getaway.

Luke had plotted the embarrassing trick with Dean’s wife, Lynne, 50, and daughter, Bethany, 30, behind his back – and the whole party of 12 holidaying together were there to see it.

In the video, Dean walks from a flume as the shorts begin to disappear before his eyes – leaving him revealing his bare bum and desperately covering his modesty.

Fortunately, the 53-year-old appeared to see the funny side of the whole thing, which is just as well really, considering there’s absolutely nothing he could’ve done about it.

Dad Left Naked At Water Park After Son-In-Law Pranks Him With Dissolving ShortsCaters News Agency

As far as pranks go, nothing will top the 16-year-old who waited eight long years to serve up some serious prank revenge on his own dad.

Back in 2007, the teen was given what he thought was an Xbox 360 for his birthday, but as he peeled back the wrapping paper he realised it was something completely different.

Once the had gotten through the rocks and containers that filled the box he discovered a key to his first car. Well that could have been a lot worse, surely?


Later he found out that they had simply bought the packaging on Ebay without the console inside. Fair play to the parents, that’s pretty genius…

So for the Christmas following his 16th birthday, he and his brothers decided to get their own back.

Check it out here:


His racing-mad dad – who loves virtual racing series Forza – couldn’t play the newer versions because they were only made for Xbox One.

So, after planning with his brothers, the son paid for the packaging for the console and loaded it with a load of crap ready for Christmas morning.

The camera captures the dad looking pretty excited to open his gift, yet its only when they tell him to unpack the box that he himself gets wise and says,’are you doing what I did to you when you were 16?’

After finding a key in the box, he goes to the car and as if by magic there’s an Xbox One in his boot.

Whoever said revenge is best served cold was absolutely right.

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