Couple Slammed For ‘Disgusting’ 9/11-Themed Wedding

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Couple Slammed For 'Disgusting' 9/11 Themed WeddingBeckpatton/Reddit/PA Images

A couple have been branded ‘straight disgusting’ for their 9/11-themed wedding.

Saturday, September 11, marked 20 years since the devastating terror attacks in which nearly 3,000 people died in New York after the World Trade Center was hit, in addition to the 184 who died in the Pentagon crash and 40 who lost their lives after passengers and crew prevented hijackers from flying into the presumed target of the US Capitol.

Millions of people have been paying their respects over the weekend, remembering the once-unimaginable loss, the bravery of first responders and everyday citizens and the countless lives still affected by the tragedy. Amid those tributes, one couple has been slammed for seemingly capitalising on the anniversary for their nuptials.

Smoke billowing from twin towers after plane crash (PA Images)PA Images

Redditor @Beckpatton shared a photo of an item from the wedding to the r/trashy subreddit. ‘This couple thought the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 was a great theme for their wedding,’ they wrote.

It’s been near-unanimously criticised. ‘Probably the trashiest thing I’ve seen on this sub. Not much offends me, but that does,’ one user wrote. ‘I’m all for dark humour but tf is this,’ another commented. ‘I love dark humour but this is black hole absorbing all light humour. I’m a very nothing is off limits joker and even I was like… yeeesh. No.’

The 911 themed wedding has been widely criticised. (@Beckpatton/Reddit)@Beckpatton/Reddit

While some have sympathised with having a wedding on this date as there are seemingly more discounts available, actually having it themed around 9/11 has sparked offence from almost everyone.

‘Some wedding venues offer discounted rates on this date, for the obvious reason. I don’t think getting married on 9/11 is inherently insensitive, but making your wedding 9/11 themed definitely is,’ one wrote. ‘When you get a great discount for picking a date no one wants and just really run with it,’ another commented.

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  1. @Beckpatton/Reddit

    This couple thought the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 was a great theme for their wedding.

Cameron Frew
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