Children’s Hospital Asks University Residents To Close Curtains After Witnessing ‘Naked Activities’


Children's Hospital Asks University Residents To Close Curtains After Witnessing 'Naked Activities'Pixabay

A New Zealand university’s nightlife has been giving the nearby children’s hospital a bit of an eyeful. 

When you’re at university, loving life and probably drunk with your friends, there’s more than a few occasions where you’re probably quite oblivious to what you’re doing or who’s watching.


Dunedin Hospital and Hayward College are just across the street from each other in Dunedin. They both peacefully co-exist: on one side, you have hundreds of patients trying to get better; on the other, you have students either studying or getting up to no good, it seems.

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Apparently, some of the kids at the hospital have been seeing a bit too much of the students staying at the University of Otago hall of residence – more specifically, ‘certain naked activities’.

The university recently received a ‘friendly’ email from the children’s ward politely requesting the students close their curtains at night, in order to prevent any possible embarrassment.


‘The Children’s Unit staff at Dunedin Hospital would like you to close your curtains when engaging in certain naked activities at night. Parents and their five-year-old children can see far more than I’m sure you’d like,’ the email read.

Children were getting an eyeful from the university. (Nickelodeon) Nickelodeon

Professor Barry Taylor, the Southern District Health Board acting paediatrics clinical leader, immediately saw the funny side.

‘It is very funny. It’s been a humorous episode in the daily life of the children’s ward. My understanding is that a parent mentioned that there was some naked activity that was visible from their five-year-old’s [hospital] room and they didn’t particularly want them to see it,’ he told the New Zealand Herald.


‘A junior staff member said she knew the manager at the hostel, and she let them know that they should keep their curtains closed – basically to protect the privacy of the student… I’m not going to tell you which one, for obvious reasons,’ he added.

A University of Otago spokesperson said the staff appreciated the hospital’s email and have since advised the students to close their curtains. The story has amused readers online, with one commenting: ‘This is gold!’

‘Those crazy kids playing naked twister again,’ another joked.


‘For a while when I was working for IDG in Queen St, we were opposite a backpackers, where there were few curtains – or just not many used. Things could get pretty racy when the backpackers stirred mid-morning,’ Chris Keall of the New Zealand Herald tweeted. ‘It wasn’t just mornings. Some of those backpackers liked to pursue afternoon delights,’ another replied.

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    'Close your curtains': Children's hospital ward's message to uni hall after 'naked activities' witnessed

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