Boy, 14, Nearly Dies After Sticking 53 Magnetic Balls Up Penis Out Of Curiosity


Child nearly dies after putting magnetic balls up his penisChutian Urban Newspaper/AsiaWire

A 14-year-old boy had to be saved from critical condition after sticking 53 magnetic balls up his penis out of curiosity. 

The teenager, named Jiang Hua, was playing with the magnetic ‘Buckyballs’ toy on the night of November 12 when he decided to start putting the little metal objects up his urethra.


Jiang was reportedly under the impression he would be able to remove the balls himself by ‘squeezing’ them out of his penis.

Magnetic ballsWikimedia Commons

When he failed to do so, he came up with the idea of inserting even more balls, in an attempt to draw them all out together using their magnetic force. He spent an hour putting this plan into action but unfortunately it only resulted in the balls being pushed further and further up into his body, Chutian Urban Newspaper reports, as per the MailOnline.

When his efforts to remove the balls proved unsuccessful, the 14-year-old decided to give up and go to bed without telling anyone he had 53 tiny, metal balls inside him.


The following day, when he was at school, Jiang found he was bleeding down below. The bleeding continued throughout the day so the concerned teen decided to inform his grandfather, who he lived with, about what he’d done.

Child nearly dies after putting magnetic balls up his penisChutian Urban Newspaper

The grandfather was understandably shocked at the news and he later described his grandson’s underwear as being covered in blood.

Jiang was taken to children’s hospital, where doctors described him as pale, dizzy and in shock. It was discovered the metal balls had clumped together into two strings inside Jiang, resulting in life-threatening haemorrhaging.


On Wednesday, November 13, the teen underwent an operation performed by hospital director and urologist Dr Wang Jun. He managed to successfully remove all 53 magnets, in turn saving Jiang from ‘critical condition’.


Buckyballs have been criticised for being a danger to children as some youngsters have been known to swallow the small balls.

Jiang isn’t the only child to have been ‘curious’ about the magnetic objects as last week a 12-year-old boy had to have the balls removed from his bladder at the same children’s hospital after inserting them into his penis two months earlier.


Though the balls had been inside him for a worryingly long time, the young boy only went to hospital when he started experiencing abdominal pains.

x-ray of 12-year-old who put magnetic balls up penisAsiaWire

After being pulled aside by doctors, he admitted he had forced Buckyballs into his urethra while ‘exploring his anatomy’.

Last month, a 58-year-old man had to have an operation after inserting 28 magnetic balls into his penis.


You wouldn’t think the toy would need a disclaimer to warn against such usage, but apparently it really does.

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    Boy, 14, 'nearly dies from severe internal bleeding after sticking 53 magnetic beads into his penis out of curiosity'

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