Black Lives Matter Demonstrator Who Rescued Counter-Protester Immortalised With Bronze Sculpture

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Black Lives Matter Demonstrator Who Rescued Counter-Protester Immortalised With Bronze Sculptureiampatrickhutchinson/Instagram/Channel 4

A Black Lives Matter demonstrator who made headlines after rescuing a counter-protester has now been immortalised with a bronze sculpture.

The sculpture in question depicts the inspiring moment when personal trainer and grandfather Patrick Hutchinson carried a suspected far-right counter-protester to safety over his shoulder.

The incident occurred during a Black Lives Matter protest in London in June 2020, with demonstrators publicly calling for police reform following the death of George Floyd just a month before.

Patrick HutchinsonPA Images

Far-right counter protesters also gathered in Parliament Square, with many purporting to be there to ‘protect statues’ and memorials. After clashing with police officers, the counter-protesters proceeded to clash with Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Trafalgar Square and near Waterloo Station.

It was then that Hutchinson spotted an attack on a man who was later identified as retired police officer Bryn Male.

Deciding he couldn’t just stand by and let the stranger potentially get hurt, Hutchinson and his friends formed a cordon around Male, who was lying injured in a foetal position on the ground. Hutchinson then picked him up and carried him to safety.

A powerful photograph that captured the moment of rescue has since become one the most recognisable of 2020, and in December it was voted the Most Inspiring Moment by CNN Heroes viewers. Now, a sculpture has immortalised Hutchinson’s brave act.

In an Instagram post, Hutchinson said he had been ‘absolutely blown away by the incredible news’ stating:

That life changing moment where we just did what we felt was right will be preserved for generations to come in this breathtaking bronze.

Hector Guest, the sculptor behind the artwork, said:

I was immediately struck by this truly inspirational act, an example of how humanity should be and believe this image will be a defining moment in our history.

We are all human, we all feel love and hurt. We have far more in common than that which divides us. For me in that moment Patrick personified this, by saving someone who was supposed to be his enemy, a protester for the other side.

Guest made the decision to sculpt himself on Hutchinson’s shoulder, taking Male’s place, noting, ‘this has been an introspective journey for me’.

He continued:

I believe it is important to reflect on our own individual prejudice and bias. To make them conscious to ourselves so we can question them, confront them and hopefully move beyond them.

I believe this image should stand as a monument for the nation we aspire to be and remind us of the journey we have yet to complete.

The sculpture will be exhibited at the Olumide Gallery in London, curated by fashion model, actor and gallery owner Eunice Olumide.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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    Black Lives Matter demonstrator's rescue is this year's Most Inspiring Moment

Julia Banim
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