Being ‘Boring’ With Your Partner Is Key To Long Relationship, Expert Says

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Dating can be an absolute minefield at times and, unfortunately, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ manual to a healthy relationship.

But, I think I speak on behalf of most relationships when I say once the honeymoon period is over, it tends to be more Netflix-binges and takeaways than big nights out on the tiles.

If, like me, you’ve found yourself in the bloody lovely, comfortable stage of a relationship in which you sit at home scrolling through glamorous Instagram pictures of couples living the high life on their expensive date nights in town, let me tell you something…

Being 'Boring' With Your Partner Is Key To Long Relationship, Expert SaysPexels

Being as ‘boring as possible’ is actually the key to a successful and long relationship, according to Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.

Speaking to Business Insider, Mason explained:

That sounds really weird to people but if you think about it, a really happy 80-year-old couple that’s been together for 60 years, the reason that they’ve been together for 60 years, it isn’t because they took all these private jets and they had their crazy vacations and ‘Oh my God, look at their pictures’.

It’s because they were able to be boring together. They are able to spend year after year, sitting around the house, talking about the same boring stuff, watching TV, watching movies, cooking dinner, and it went fine.

There was nothing exciting, there’s nothing blowing up, there’s no huge drama and dishes flying.

Being 'Boring' With Your Partner Is Key To Long Relationship, Expert SaysChannel 4

He went on to talk about how many couples feel under pressure not to be seen as ‘boring’ on social media, but Manson says what makes a person extremely interesting can also make them a ‘really horrible person to be with romantically’.

The author added that embracing boredom ‘needs to be okay again’, and to be honest, I am absolutely here for that advice.

Did someone say Netflix-binge and takeaway with bae this weekend?!

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