Basketball Shaped UFO Caught On Radar Travelling 120 Miles In Less Than Eight Seconds

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Basketball Shaped UFO Caught On Radar Travelling 120 Miles In Less Than Eight SecondsTriangle News

A documentary has attempted to shine new light on the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident from 1980, involving UFOs and nuclear weapons.

With UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, the latest feature to offer new and compelling details on the decades-old incident, the feature, produced by US researcher Robert Hastings, cites key witnesses like Lt Colonel Charles Halt, where a UFO shaped like a basketball was recorded as having travelled 120mph in less than eight seconds.

Ike Barker and Jim Carey, who were radar operators at the RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk, in the early 1980s, say the object flew over the base during the much debated incident in December of 1980.

The speeding ball happened during a series of unexplained encounters that amounted to several eye-witnesses saying they’d seen it. Filmmaker Hastings, who has investigated the event, believes it was a warning to humanity, as the UFO appeared to target the base’s nuclear arsenal.

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On Boxing Day of 1980, a team of security officers noted a bright beam coming from the depths of the forest near to the base. Two days later, on the night of December 29, then Deputy Base Commander Halt, as well as other colleagues, saw flashing lights darting across the forest, before the glowing object shot beams of light into the ground and disappeared.

Reports later came in that the same UFO had targeted the base’s storage facility of nukes – which were the largest in Europe at the time – and began pinging beams into the bunker.

Halt’s report, dubbed the ‘Halt memo’, documenting the entire thing written in early 1981, was sent to the UK’s Ministry of Defence. It stated how he and other witnesses saw a glowing object in the forest and a ‘red, sun-like’ pulsing light in the trees, and that a quick-moving, metallic-like triangular-shaped object was spotted acting erratically.

Take a look at what he said, below:

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While some have tried to debunk the strange sightings as military satellites, secret weaponry, a meteor, or the nearby shine from the Orfordness lighthouse, those who were there say different.

Ike is convinced in what he saw, saying, ‘It wasn’t like any radar target I’ve ever seen.’

‘It was travelling at an extremely high rate of speed,’ he recalled. ‘It passed over the control tower and then it stopped. I’ve never seen anything like the manoeuvrability that happened with this object.’

Describing it as basketball-like object, he said it was ‘orange in colour and it popped into my mind that somebody was flying a basketball out here. There were lights around the centre but not like navigation lights.’

Speaking about how otherworldly it was, he claimed the lights were ‘more like portholes, as if you were seeing the lights from the inside coming out. It hovered momentarily, reversed its course and went back out a high rate of speed.’

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Prior to the witnessed object speeding off, it had made an unnatural right angle shift. ‘It was just phenomenal to see it go that fast. I said that can’t be one of ours,’ tech sergeant with the 2164th Communications Squadron, Carey said.

‘No jet can make an immediate right-hand turn,’ he added.

There are around 150 military witnesses to such unexplained phenomenon at similar sites since 1940 and, despite the pair not immediately coming forward to their superiors out of fear of the sack, declassified documents from both the US and Russian governments have emerged to show similar strange occurrences during the Cold War period.

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