Grieving Mum Shocked As Security Camera Catches ‘Dead Son’s Ghost’ In Kitchen

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A grieving mother has claimed her son’s ghost returned to the family home, after her security cameras captured a transparent figure in her kitchen.

Robbie Hodge, the son of Jennifer Hodge, 57, from Atlanta, Georgia, died two years ago of an accidental drug overdose from what was thought to be fake Xanax aged just 23.


The bereaved mother-of-two had spent the past two years coming to terms with the loss of her ‘caring’ son, when she received a notification on her phone reading ‘person spotted in entryway’ last week.

Ms Hodges had been watching television in bed with her daughter, Lauren, 21, and nearly drifted off to sleep when her phone sent the alert.

It was her entryway home security camera which had been triggered, according to the notification, at 11:51pm on 5 January, 2019.


The message said the camera had ‘spotted a person’. The image sent to Ms Hodge’s phone clearly shows a transparent mass in the shape of a human figure.

The mother and daughter ran to the kitchen and found nothing disturbed and no signs of a break-in.

In hindsight, Ms Hodges believes her security camera in fact captured images of her son’s ‘ghost’, who had suffered with OCD, ADHD, anxiety, and addiction.



The figure appeared in the kitchen, and seemed to be wearing pyjamas in the exceptionally clear still capture.

No doubt many will take this as proof of the existence of ghosts.

Ms Hodge recalled:

It’s just insane – I’m blown away. It’s just crazy. I was laying in bed watching TV with my daughter and I was just about asleep.

The phone was lay between us and I got this message notification saying someone was in the kitchen. She was like ‘Mum, there’s a person in the kitchen… Mum, that’s Robbie!’

I was stunned. And it did look just like him – beard and all.


His mother claims he was a ‘giving, caring, loving human being’ and the pair had even set up a charity to help people battling addiction prior to his death.

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Ms Hodge said she thinks it was a sign Robbie is at peace, adding:

Now, I feel like he was letting me know he is happy in heaven. That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it’s weird.

I’m in awe – why did this happen to me? I haven’t seen anything since and I had never seen a ghost before.

Does it look like Robbie? Yes. I would love to see anybody else’s camera where people might look transparent. This is just weird.



Ms Hodge explained her son’s struggles:

Robbie was a great kid. He had an addiction and we thought for sure it had to be heroin when he passed away. But the only thing that we could track down is where he was buying Xanax.

He and I together had started a charity before he died and it was to turn real estate into a way of saving lives and stopping addiction.

We’d won national and local awards for it. He used to try and help other people when he was in need of help too.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, my dear son…..Robbie Hodge

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