Doctor Reveals How Much You Could Sell Each Of Your Body Parts For

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Doctor Reveals How Much You Could Sell Each Of Your Body Parts For@tonyyounmd/TikTok

A doctor has poured cold water on one TikToker’s claims about how much our bodies are worth, but offered some good news for anyone looking to make a buck from their bodily fluids.

The revelation comes in response to a clip by @onlyjayus, who explained that our own organs were actually our most valuable possessions, being worth an incredible $45 million.

As Dr. Anthony Youn points out, while that figure is theoretically correct, it’s not actually possible to legally sell your organs, meaning that even if you would be willing to sell a kidney, you’re probably not going to find a buyer.

You can't sell your organs (Alamy)Alamy

But that being said, there are still parts of your body that you can legally sell, and as Dr. Youn reveals, they can be pretty lucrative.

Things starts off fairly basic, with plasma donations fetching between $25-$30 dollars per bag, then ratchet up another level with sperm donations, which are worth a not-too-shabby $125 per deposit.

But it’s the other part of the reproductive systems that really brings in the big bucks, with Dr. Youn revealing that eggs can be sold for an impressive $8,000. And if you’re ready to give over your entire body to another person for nine months, you’ll be rewarded even more handsomely, with surrogacy paying on average between $25,000 and $50,000.


Dr. Youn’s video has received more than 333,000 views on TikTok, and it’s definitely got people thinking.

‘So that’s what the YouTube ads mean by ‘make $200 a day’,’ one person joked, with another writing, ‘I found an infinite money glitch.’

But just because you’re getting paid doesn’t mean you’re making a profit, as one person pointed out, commenting, ‘That’s almost enough to cover a hospital bill.’

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    How much are your body parts worth?

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