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Doctor Explains What It Means If You Taste Blood While Exercising

Poppy Bilderbeck


Doctor Explains What It Means If You Taste Blood While Exercising@lifeofadoctor/Twitter

A doctor has taken to TikTok to answer all your burning questions about exercise, such as why you might experience the taste of blood on your morning jog. 

While this wouldn’t apply to me, considering I can barely run 3km and so refrain from engaging in any activity that isn’t strictly necessary – for example, going downstairs to collect my takeaway – a doctor has provided the answer to a rather strange occurrence.


In response to another TikToker‘s post claiming they are ‘so unfit’ they can ‘taste blood’ when they run, a Miami doctor has replied to the video to reveal just why the grim taste can happen.


If exercise couldn’t get any more horrifying then it already is, then this video will put you off for life.

According to Fayez (@lifeofadoctor), the experience is easily explained, however, the revelation doesn’t provide any ease of mind and makes me feel like Halloween has simply come early.


He clarifies that if it occurs, the blood is your own – which I thought would likely be quite self-explanatory but perhaps not – and that it comes from your lungs, as tiny pockets of blood in your lungs can burst when your blood pressure increases. So much for exercise being considered healthy…

The post has amassed more than 23.1 million views and tens of thousands of comments, with other users flooding to the TikTok in awe of the scientific discovery. One said: ‘Running is bad for your health.’

Another wrote: 


‘It’s actually your own’. Well thank god, I was so worried it may have been someone else’s.

A third commented: ‘You left out the part where you tell me if that’s gonna kill me doc.’

Alas, despite me hoping that I could use the video as an excuse to get out of my futile attempt to go to the gym, after purchasing a membership that I was kidding myself I would ever use, Fayez took to the comments to clarify the amount of blood is a ‘TINY TINY amount’ and so it’s ‘not an excuse to stop exercising’.

Back to the gym I go.


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  1. LifeOfADoctor/TikTok


Poppy Bilderbeck

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