Boy, 12, Needs Testicle Surgery After ‘Bangcock’ Craze Gets Out Of Hand

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Boy, 12, Needs Testicle Surgery After 'Bangcock' Craze Gets Out Of HandTeesside Live

A mother has warned other parents about a new game being played in schools called ‘Bangcock’ that’s hospitalised her 12-year-old son and could leave him needing testicle surgery.

Bailey Summers was left in agony after he was given a whack in the testicles at school on Thursday morning.


The attack, said to be part of a viral craze sweeping Britain’s schools, starts when children ask boys, ‘What’s the capital of Thailand?’.

Boy, 12, Needs Testicle Surgery After 'Bangcock' Craze Gets Out Of HandPA Images

The answer is obviously Bangkok which when said aloud can be taken as ‘Bang Cock’. So you see, they bang your cock.

Bailey couldn’t sit down for any amount of time and was struggling to sleep due to the pain and that’s when his mum became concerned.


The attack on Bailey was said to be completely unprovoked and his concerned mum Emmajayne, 32, rushed him to hospital the very next day, according to Teesside Live.

Medics at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough took Bailey straight to theatre.

Emmajayne said:

Within 20 minutes, my son was laid on a bed sobbing his heart out getting ready to be wheeled down the theatre.

They could not give him the right anaesthetic and there was not enough time for numbing cream.

My son was crying, screaming and begging me to help him. It was a nightmare to see him so petrified and in so much pain.

It was heartbreaking.


The surgeon is said to have told Emmajayne testicle pain needed seeing to within four hours for any serious damage to be treated.

Boy, 12, Needs Testicle Surgery After 'Bangcock' Craze Gets Out Of HandTeesside Live

She continued:

I had a form to sign to say I approved both testicles to be removed if needed in theatre. I had to sign my son’s manhood away.


Thankfully, Bailey’s testicles were saved and he was deemed ‘very lucky’. The schooldboy will be in a wheelchair for two weeks while he recovers.

Bailey’s testicles had to be nipped and tucked with four stitches to each testicle and he can’t do any sort of strenuous activity for around six weeks.

He’ll even miss a school trip to Blackpool due to the injury.

Boy, 12, Needs Testicle Surgery After 'Bangcock' Craze Gets Out Of HandPixabay

Emmajayne concluded:

This is a craze that has come back into trend that boys randomly punch their target in the balls to cause intense pain.

My son had that done to him that day and must be the cause. It’s been a nightmare. I am in pieces.

My poor son is an example of what can happen and needs to be brought to the attention of the kids.

Hopefully Bailey’s story should serve as a warning to children to stop this craze immediately as serious damage can be caused.

And I bet no child dishing out this sort of punishment would be too pleased at losing their testicles if it were the other way round.

Be smart, kids.

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    Mum's warning about 'bangcock' punch craze after A&E fight to save Bailey's testicles

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