Watch Dogs 3 Will Be Set In London And Will Release This Year, New Rumours Suggest

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An old rumour suggesting the next Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft will be set in London has resurfaced, along with a few new interesting details on the open world hackathon. 

These thrilling new tidbits came by way of an anonymous 4Chan poster. They claim that there’ll be no Assassin’s Creed this year so that Ubisoft can focus on the third Watch Dogs game, and that Watch Dogs 3 will take us from the States to Blighty, which is great news for anyone who doesn’t actually have to live in the UK.

While a random post on 4Chan is hardly grounds for confirmation, trusted and connected Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier seemed to validate the claims on Twitter.

The leaker goes on to claim that Watch Dogs 3 will have more of a focus on hacking and smaller weapons such as knives and pistols, so as to encourage the players to actually be a master hacker and not just walk into a mission and gun everything down.

It’s also suggested that the new game will have a brand new protagonist (just as Watch Dogs 2 did), and that we’ll be able to choose gender, as was the case with Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Speaking of Assassin’s Creed, our fearless leaker goes on to claim that the next game in the series will return to Italy, and will release in 2020 for current and next gen consoles.

It is worth noting that Mr Schreier doesn’t think the AC rumours hold much water, even if the leaker was on the money with the Watch Dogs stuff, so maybe take that part of the post with a pinch of salt.


Watch Dogs 2 was released in 2016 and took place in San Francisco. The first game, released in 2014, went down in Chicago, so the series has a habit of jumping from place to place.

Gamereactor has also confirmed that, at least as far as the Watch Dogs 3 stuff is concerned, that they’ve heard similar info from their own sources.

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    Rumour: Watch Dogs 3 set in London

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