Usain Bolt Claims Classic Video Game Helped Him Become A Champion


Usain Bolt Claims Classic Video Game Helped Him Become A ChampionAlamy

Usain Bolt has said playing videos games helped him become the world’s fastest sprinter, and that he might even have become a gamer if the technology we have today was around when he was growing up.

In a new interview, Bolt said the competitive nature of video games is what he enjoys the most about them.


‘For me, those are the things that excite me about video games,’ he said. ’Just learning and being the best at it, you know what I mean?’

Usain Bolt (Alamy)Alamy

‘I feel like [playing video games] kind of helped my hunger, I would say… To always want to win,’ he told BBC News.

In particular, Bolt said the classic Mario Kart helped him with his sport. ‘I feel like it, in a way, kind of helped out with the track and field, because now when you get on a track you have the same mentality as when you’re playing video games. You just want to win,’ he explained.


The reporter interviewing Bolt replied, ‘So what you’re saying there Usain is you became a world champion and world record holder because you were very very good at Mario Kart?’

Laughing, Bolt agreed and said, ‘It helped. It helped,’ adding, ‘Sometimes I would skip training to go to the video game store.’

‘My coach would call my dad and tell him ‘Listen, he didn’t come to training today’. My dad would be like, ‘Why didn’t you go to training?’ and I had no answer.’ Clearly, all has been forgiven now that he’s the world’s leading sprinter, despite missing a few training sessions to sneak off and play video games.

Super Mario KartAlarmy

Bolt went as far to say that if he’d had the gaming technology that’s available now in his childhood, he ‘would have been a gamer. For sure.’

If that was the case, we might know Usain Bolt as the Twitch streamer rather than the world-record holding Olympic athlete.

So, if anybody gets onto you about spending too much time on Mario Kart, tell them you’re just training for the Olympics like Usain Bolt.

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    Usain Bolt: Mario Kart helped me become Olympic champion

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