Ubisoft Wants Your Music In Watch Dogs: Legion

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Ubisoft Wants Your Music In Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft

Any open world game needs a cracking soundtrack to accompany your exploits, and Ubisoft games rarely disappoint. The publisher has now announced it wants to make the soundtrack for the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion even more special by including tracks from you, the player. 

Ubisoft has once again partnered with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt’s collaborative media platform HitRecord to put the call out to fans everywhere and request their musical talents for the latest Watch Dogs adventure.

Legion’s Creative director Clint Hocking and audio director Richie Nieto explain the new initiative in the video below:

Our big announcement! Come make music for the new Watch Dogs: Legion video game!

Ubisoft just invited the entire world to help make 10 songs for their game "Watch Dogs: Legion!" Writers, musicians, singers, fans of the game… jump in and get involved here: https://bit.ly/2JufoCW

Posted by hitRECord on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

If you’re not entirely sure how HitRecord works, allow me to briefly explain before we go any further. Users can upload their own beats, samples, pictures, poems, lyrics, or pretty much anything creative – your efforts can then be picked up by another user and remixed or added to to create a collaborative piece of art.

It’s a really cool idea, and Ubisoft wants HitRecord users to work together to create tracks for inclusion in Watch Dogs: Legion. Up to ten finished tracks will make it into the final game, and you can head to the Watch Dogs website to get an idea of what kind of songs the developer is looking for, including ” Dark Electronic Heist Song”, and “Anti-Establishment Uptempo Hip Hop Song.”

Ubisoft writes on the Watch Dogs website:

By partnering with HITRECORD, WATCH DOGS: Legion fans can collaborate with the Ubisoft team and other artists around the world to create 10 original songs that will be integrated directly into the game, enriching the world of WATCH DOGS: Legion with community-created audio. Players will experience these tracks as they explore the world of the game (for example, the community’s songs may stream in a car while you’re driving around London).

Obviously you’ll want to put the work in for more than just “exposure”, though. Thankfully, Ubisoft confirmed that if a contribution you share with HitRecord is included in a final asset that makes it to the Watch Dogs: Legion team, then you’ll get paid for your contribution.

Presumably that means that even if all you contributed to one of the final tracks is a sample of you farting, you’ll get paid. That’s the dream right there.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the timeline of this project and how to get involved, just head here and read up on the fulsome Q&A that Ubisoft has put together.

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