Twitch Streamer ‘Withawonder’ Accused Of Grooming Underaged Girls


Twitch Streamer 'Withawonder' Accused Of Grooming Underaged Girlswithawonder/Twitch

Twitch streamer Withawonder has been accused of using his chat to find and groom underage girls. 

On Wednesday, June 23, alleged screenshots of the streamer, who’s real name isn’t known, were posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit, with inappropriate messages sent to teenagers aged 17.


Both his Twitch account and Discord server appear to have been banned, with his Twitter account only showing two tweets after being ‘cleaned up.’ He’s since responded to the accusations, saying they’re all fake and he’s innocent.

While 21,000 followers isn’t particularly significant in today’s Twitch standards, the chat was particularly active prior to his ban. There, he’d reportedly seek out underage girls, invite them to his Discord server and proceed to send inappropriate messages.

Redditor WafflesAreExtinct wrote: ‘I had this guy followed for some reason in 2018. I randomly got in his stream again and typed something in chat. I guess my name sounds like a girl’s name, so he instantly DMd me and wanted my discord name. He immediately asked for my age and I told him I was 17 and after that he sent me a video of him jerking off.’


After finding out the person he was chatting to was 17, he allegedly replied: ‘Young, I like that.’

When they told him he was about to become the subject of a subreddit with evidence of his alleged grooming, he replied: ‘I like taking dumb n****** like you and have you people try to get me banned, it’s funny lol.’

While livestreaming, Withawonder was told about the allegations against him. ‘Is there a program I can download, where I just press a button, and it deletes every single video off my hard drive? Like, WMV, MP4, just, every video file gets deleted. Is that possible? Because I’ve gotta find a program like that, just, delete every video,’ he asked.


While most of his tweets have been deleted, some were screenshotted, which included references to ‘having consensual sex’ with minors.

In a video responding to the accusations, he said he was ‘mostly trolling’ and while he wouldn’t have sex with a 14-year-old, said he wouldn’t be opposed to the age of consent being lowered.

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  1. LivestreamFail/Reddit

    Streamer withawonder exposed for grooming underage girls through his stream.

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