This Guy Made A PC Out Of Pasta, And It Actually Worked

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This Guy Made A PC Out Of Pasta, For Some ReasonLaplanet Arts/YouTube

I’ve always wanted to penne an article like this, so sit right there and let me tagliatelle you all about this incredible PC build. If nothing else, it’s a fusilli story to help you to pasta the time.

Okay, I’m done with the pasta puns. Let’s just get on with the story, shall we? YouTuber Micah Laplante has ascended to an entirely new level of PC building thanks to his incredible lasagna-themed PC case which is made out of real, uncooked pasta.

Laplanet Arts/YouTube

The whole thing started out as a joke from his wife apparently, and I’ve no doubt she’s thrilled that he diligently took her at her word and set about building a PC from pasta. While he didn’t set out to make an incredibly powerful piece of kit, he did want the end product to be capable of streaming media and maybe a few games.

According to Laplante’s wonderful YouTube video on the process (which you can see below) he removed the hardware from an old Asus notebook, placed the components down on lasagna strips (as you do) and glued everything together.



Once the basic components (plus a few makeshift HDMI and USB ports) were taped/glued to the pasta, he added more lasagna strips on top. For extra flair, he painted on a thick sauce and a few rigatoni noodle vents were added in for airflow.

While the PC did run to start with (it managed a few games of Rocket League and a spot of YouTube), three years worth of Windows 10 updates eventually caused too many problems in the software for it to be a viable bit of kit. Fair play to Laplante though; it sounds like the software is what did this project in, not the pasta case itself.

If nothing else, you have to applaud Laplante for his creativity, and for daring to go where others would probably have feared (or just not cared) to tread.


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Laplanet Arts/YouTube
  1. Laplanet Arts/YouTube

    I made a PC out of pasta and it WORKED | Crazy PC Builds

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