The Sims 4 New DLC Is The Harry Potter Game We Need

Ewan Moore


The Sims 4 New DLC Is The Harry Potter Game We NeedEA

The latest expansion for The Sims 4 takes the popular life-simulator down a decidedly more magical path with the Realm of Magic pack. The upcoming DLC introduces spells, wand fights (stop sniggering back there), broomsticks, and plenty more besides.

It’s currently unclear if there’ll be a spell that stops my sim from peeing himself while doing the dishes, but I live in hope. Check out the trailer below.

Realm of Magic introduces players to a new town called Glimmerbrook, which hides a secret portal leading to an “enchanted world” where they’ll be able to learn spells, craft potions, and compete against other magically inclined folk. It’s basically Hogwarts meets The Sims, then.

EA wrote:

Do you like magic? How about spellcasting? Competing with friends to find out who has mastered more tricks? Or, have you ever found yourself waving a magic wand, only to realize it doesn’t work the way you had hoped? Once through the portal, Sims can meet spellcasters who just might teach them a thing or two. Plus, Sims can get experimental with a giant cauldron, collect elements to make interesting potions, and even test their skills against other aspiring spellcasters. This is gonna be good. Wicked good!

This being a Sims game, you’ll also be able to get your hands on some magic-themed clothing and accessories, such as wizard robes, hats… you know, the kind of stuff you’d definitely get mugged for wearing if you were alone in one of the shadier parts of London at night.


Previous games in the franchise dabbled with the supernatural of course, but it looks like Realm of Magic will be turning the mystical elements up to 11. Once the pack launches on PC on September 10 (with a console release of October 15), we’ll have wizards, vampires, aliens, ghosts, mermaids, and skeletons in The Sims 4.

Where will it end? Probably here, I guess.

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Ewan Moore
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