PlayStation 5 Is Selling Better Than Xbox Series X, Survey Finds

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Sony’s meme magnet of a next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, has been crowned the winner of the pre-order fight with Microsoft’s Xbox, a new survey suggests.

People have been joking about the PlayStation 5’s size on social media, but Sony might have the last laugh with its mammoth market share, if the figures are to be believed.


Research from VGM has suggested the vast majority or next-gen console pre-orders have been for the PS5. 82% of those who bagged themselves a new console ahead of release opted for one of Sony’s new models.

The disc version of PS5 was by far the most popular, with 72% of respondents ordering one and just 10% for the cheaper digital version.


Microsoft’s Series X and Series S fared markedly worse in the two-day survey of gamers. Only a mere 30% of orders were for the Series X, and the Series S was the least-loved with just 8% opting for the lower-spec console.


Those  number-crunchers among us will notice these figures don’t add up to 100%, which indicates quite a few people bought more than one next-gen console.

It also appears that those who were able to snag a deal were in the vast minority, as only 15% said they were able to complete a pre-order successfully.

xbox series x 1Microsoft

We think it would be unfair to lead you on, so this is where we can start to unpick the stats a little bit. Only 511 people responded to the study, which was carried out over two days between September 23-25 and only in the US.


This means only 77 people were able to make a pre-order, meaning the sizable disparity between the PS5 and Xbox orders can be taken with a little more than a grain of salt.

Combining the figures taken from the 15% who managed to secure a new console and the 29% of respondents who tried to get one but were unsuccessful, the gulf between the rival consoles’ sales becomes a little slimmer.

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When all those who were interested in buying a new console – successful or otherwise – are taken into consideration, 58% tried to order a disc version of the PS5 and 40% wanted the Xbox Series X. That looks a little more like it.


The battle of the cheaper variants was also won by Sony’s PS5, with its digital version attracting 21% of attempted pre-orders, while the Series S was again the least loved, with just 11% of attempted pre-orders.

It’s clear to see that the high-end consoles were the most popular here, despite the tiny sample size. We expect further figures to emerge as the release dates for both consoles get closer, but there will probably be a few celebrations over at Sony HQ ahead of the weekend.

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    72% of US next-gen pre-order customers chose PS5

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