PlayStation 5 Comes Back In Stock, Sells Out In Seconds


PlayStation 5 Comes Back In Stock, Sells Out In SecondsPA Images

Another day, more disappointment for those wanting a PlayStation 5. Yes, it sold out again.

Sony recently confirmed that the PS5 was its biggest console launch ever, even topping the incredible sales seen by the PS4. That said, it’s not entirely surprising considering the fierce competition to get your mitts on one.


Ever since pre-orders launched, it’s been a war to purchase the next-gen system. It launched worldwide on November 19 – while some emerged victorious, many lost.

Last night, November 25, Walmart restocked its PS5 supply. Gamers were ready with the website open, ready to place their order faster than you can say PlayStation.

At 9pm ET, the stock went live for sale. The rush began, with clicks echoing across the nation. Alas, it was a crushing moment – the console sold out in ‘seconds’.


One user complained, ‘In under 20 seconds the PS5 sold out on Walmart’s website. This is getting ridiculous. I was trying to help a friend get one so I have someone to play online with.’

Another wrote, ‘This Walmart release was the fastest I’ve ever seen something sell out in my life. Legit was available for 40 seconds.’ A third wrote, ‘Walmart’s stock of PS5s that went live at 6pm sold out INSTANTLY. I refreshed at exactly 6, tried to put one in my cart, and BAM! Gone. Took less than 15 seconds.’


A fourth tweeted, ‘Walmart well played, I was able to add a PS5 thinking I had done the impossible. I was still hopeful when I got the server error but it was all a ruse. 5 seconds later its all out of stock and I’m guessing you sold them to bots. Guess I’m getting mine at Target.’

There’s many more complaints on social media, with many noting times of under five seconds before being met with an ‘out of stock’ message or an error page.

It wasn’t just PS5 customers either, as Walmart had also released Xbox Series X stock. Similar woes have been aired, with one user writing, ‘I wish Walmart didn’t open the floodgates for Xbox Series X orders all at once. Their site has crashed every time I’ve tried to buy at one of their windows, and it sells out in seconds. There has to be a better way.’


If you still haven’t got one, don’t worry too much. PlayStation’s official Twitter recently posted, ‘Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year – please stay in touch with your local retailers.’

There’s also the undesirable option to buy from scalpers, who’ve somehow managed to bag large numbers of PS5s and are selling them for hundreds, if not thousands above retail price. Currently, the most expensive listing on eBay is more than £65,000.

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