Nearly Half The People On The Planet Now Play Video Games, Study Finds

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Nearly Half The People On The Planet Now Play Video Games, Study FindsNintendo/Sony Computer Entertainment
It’s official: humanity loves video games.

Gone are the days when people would ridicule gamers as unsociable misfits, not merely because online play is some of the most sociable and fun you can have in your living room, but because being a geek’s considered a social norm.

And when you throw around titles such as Call of Duty (specifically Warzone), GTA, and other massive online communities like the FIFA and Fortnite franchises, it feels like anyone not spending their nights glued to the telly with headphones on is the odd one.


Need further proof that gaming is cool? DFC Intelligence’s recent report suggests that, as of the midway point of 2020, an incredible 3.1 billion people were active gamers – yes, that’s almost half the flipping planet when you realise it’s made up of around 7.8 billion. That’s a helluva lot of individuals rage-quitting FIFA or missing out on a Warzone win thanks to a team of final circle riot shielders.

With almost 40% of the planet owning and/or playing video games in some capacity, no longer do people consider the industry unimportant or its audience made up of hermits. The gaming world is a multi-billion dollar annual industry, with the likes of a new Call of Duty release selling in the tens of millions. 2010’s Call of Duty Black Ops shifted a record 31 million copies, and Rockstar (creators of GTA) have sold over 130 million copies of GTA V worldwide.

With gaming having expanded in 2020 as far and as wide as mobile phones, tablet devices and Smart TVs, according to the findings gathered it seems that almost half the total of gamers come from the ever-expanding mobile games industry.

Interestingly, a mere 8% of that colossal amount of video game enthusiasts were exclusively recognised as console gamers only – so that’s absolutely no PC or mobile gaming and just the classic console connected to the TV with a controller in tow.

Call of Duty Warzone GulagActivision

And, in contrast to the above, a massive 48% (that’s 1.5 billion users) said they prefer to use PC over consoles. However, the report does stress that ‘this includes some overlap with gamers that also use console systems and mobile devices,’ which likely amounts to the ability for cross play on different formats, like how PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox owners can all play Warzone together.

Even more revealing is the location of a bulk of players, with a staggering 1.42 billion located in Asian countries, which amounts to almost half the planet’s gaming community.

Not bad going for something people a few generations ago deemed a silly past-time with no value. Now who’s the one left in the bad opinions gulag?

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