Metal Gear Solid Is Getting An Impressive Fan Remake

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Metal Gear Solid Is Getting A Gorgeous Fan RemakeBear Parker

By now you’ve probably seen some of the impressive worlds that fans have been putting together in the robust sandbox creation game Dreams for PlayStation 4. 

We’ve seen a recreation of Dead Space, new takes on Sonic the Hedgehog, and even an interactive pool table that’s genuinely fun to play. The scope and scale of Dreams is truly remarkable, especially considering the game is still in early access.

Perhaps the most amazing thing we’ve seen so far in the game though, is a gorgeous – and entirely faithful – remake of the PlayStation classic Metal Gear Solid. Check it out in action below.

This fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake is being developed by one Bear Parker, who works as the Global Community Manager for TT Games, the studio behind such hits as LEGO Star Wars, LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO Batman, LEGO Shawshank Redemption, and LEGO La La Land. I made those last two up, but they’re probably actually only a matter of time.

As Parker discusses in the above video, he’s still getting to grips with the best way to utilise the creation tools in Dreams, but is confident that he’ll get better the more he works on it. He goes on to tease a number of additions to the project, including animated environment details and better controls.

Those still hoping for a full HD remake of the classic may remember that a few years ago, a small team was actually working on its own Metal Gear Solid remaster using Unreal Engine 4. The project lead Airam Hernandez explained back in 2016 that it was “100 percent” unofficial, but that the team planned to get permission from Konami before going any further.

Bear Parker

Not long after Hernandez said this, the project’s Facebook page posted the following statement:

Hi guys! We have an important announcement to make today: We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control. We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received. Shadow Moses team.

While it’s unclear whether not not Konami stepped in to shut the project down, the developer’s treatment of the Metal Gear franchise since Hideo Kojima left would suggest that it opted to slap a cease and desist on the whole thing.

Bear Parker

Hopefully Parker’s take on Metal Gear Solid in Dreams will come to fruition without Konami putting an early end to it. I’m not even sure if it’d be able to, given the game is being created by a fan in an official creation tool, so this is certainly one to watch.

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    Metal Gear Solid HD Remake - Teaser 2 (DREAMS)

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