Company Hiring Call Of Duty: Warzone Gurus To Coach Struggling Players


Company Hiring Call Of Duty: Warzone Gurus To Coach Struggling PlayersActivision

A company is looking for Call of Duty: Warzone experts to teach other players the skills needed to break out of the Gulag and succeed on the battlefield. 

I’ve no doubt there’s been one too many gamers out there criticised by parents for the amount of time spent in front of their consoles, with many a ‘you’ll never get a job if you just sit around playing games all day!’ being thrown around bedrooms and living rooms globally.


Well, it turns out they can shove a sock in it because online marketplace site are willing to pay expert Warzone gamers to do exactly that.

Call of Duty: WarzoneActivision

The company are looking for a team of ‘Gulag Gurus’ to provide expert tuition to struggling gamers, providing all the insight needed to succeed in Gulag mode, where players go after dying to fight to stay in the game.

OnBuy launched the service after surveying 1,000 Warzone players and finding 65% of them found Gulag mode too hard, with 26% saying they’d never successfully escaped and 74% wishing they were better at the game.


Gurus will be paid £35 an hour to work remotely, with flexi-time hours meaning you can earn money playing the game on your own schedule.

If you’re lucky enough to land the job, you’ll have to guide your customer through the one-on-one Gulag battles and teach them the best tactics for successfully breaking out, as well as provide recommendations for the best weapon loadouts to set up before the game and what to pick up while looting.

Call of Duty: WarzoneActivision

Gurus will also have to educate your fellow gamer on Verdansk, detailing the best spots for dropping in and where to bunker down.


You’ll have to provide real time feedback and first hand experience by spectating or teaming up with your student, all in an effort to help them become the master.

If you think you have the skills to be a Gulag Guru, you can find information on where to send your CV and cover letter here.

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