Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Vaults Are Opening And They’re Packed With Loot


Call Of Duty: Warzone's Vaults Are Opening And They're Packed With LootActivision

After weeks upon weeks of theorising, Call of Duty: Warzone‘s vaults are finally opening – and they’re absolutely packed with treasure. 

Verdansk is a trove of mystery: people have been hearing howling wolves near the Dam, not to mention the ringing phones and laptops requiring unknown passwords.


However, players have been particularly fixated on the sprinkling of locked vaults across the map. The wait is over: you can now access the bunkers, and prepare for an eye-watering amount of loot.

You can check out what happens when the vault opens in the video below: 

One of the first Warzone players to experience the inside of a bunker first-hand was FaZe Dirty. In the clip, you see the yellow panels slide to the sides, allowing you to enter through the doors into a brand-new section of the map.


When you venture down into the depths of the vault, you’ll be rewarded with several crates: some ordinary, some legendary.  In the above video, there’s at least three of the latter. For players without decent custom loadouts, this is a good chance to equip yourselves with the game’s deadliest weaponry.

Of course, it isn’t just as simple as waltzing up to the door and pressing a button – you’ll need to snag a red access card, which can only be found in a handful of orange crates across the entirety of the map. Basically, it’s not quite open season on the vaults – it’s a treasure hunt, if anything.

This development is part of Warzone’s new 1.21 update, another patch in a seemingly endless stream. While new additions and changes are exciting, the strain on your console’s memory is a nightmare. This update takes up 20.2GB on the PS4 and 31GB on Xbox One. I know, I was just sick a little bit too.

Call of Duty WarzoneActivision

There’s still no word on what those howling wolves are all about, however there are some curious things to note: some of the ringing phones across Verdansk have started blurting out Russian gibberish, while the developers’ patch notes may hint at a Black Ops revival for the next Call of Duty title.

In terms of modes, Classic Battle Royale has been added to Warzone, which removes the Gulag, buybacks, cash and custom loadouts – use what you can find and when you die, you die.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag LoadoutsCharlie INTEL

However, if you do venture into the merciless arena of the Gulag in another mode, it’s no longer a face-off of pistols and shotguns – ranged weapons, like assault rifles and SMGs, have now been thrown into rotation.

With Modern Warfare‘s fourth season fast approaching, we should expect more developments in Verdansk soon.

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