Powerlifter Obsessed With Pizza Gets Massive Slice Tattooed On Her Bum

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The Pizza Fit Girl, Aleen N JohnsonJam Press

A powerlifter who’s obsessed with pizza decided to make her love for the Italian delicacy known with a massive tattoo on her bum.

Aleen N Johnson, aka The Fit Pizza Girl on social media, took her obsession with the fast food to the next level when she got a pizza slice tattooed across her butt cheek.

The fitness enthusiast used to eat pizza every other day and loves wearing clothes inspired by the food, but wanted to do something more to show her dedication.


Aleen, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, earned the nickname Pizza Girl between 2016 and 2017, when she was deployed in the US Air Force and used to eat Pizza Hut most nights.

The powerlifter explained:

Soon after, people started to joke around about how much I loved pizza because I was ordering it about every other night for dinner.

Before she flew back to America, someone bet her that she wouldn’t get a pizza tattoo on her bum – a bet she subsequently won because she had ‘pizza dat ass’ tattooed on her bum cheek, alongside a small slice of pizza.

The Pizza Fit Girl, Aleen N JohnsonJam Press

The rest, as they say, is history. After gaining 60K followers on social media, Aleen decided to get a huge pizza tattoo on the right side of her bum. Why? ‘Go big or go home,’ she says.

Although the powerlifter recognises there are a few other girls who have pizza tattoos on their bodies, Aleen said she had to go big because she is THE Fit Pizza Girl.

However, there’s more to Aleen’s tattoo than just an obsession with pizza; the fitness enthusiast has suffered with depression, anxiety, and PTSD and has spent time in hospital after a previous suicide attempt.

Aleen believes both pizza and powerlifting are among the things that have helped her feel better and find focus since.

The Pizza Fit Girl, Aleen N JohnsonJam Press

The powerlifter got into the hobby in January 2018, when she began to use fitness as an outlet. Since then, she has competed in powerlifting competitions, with her best result being that she came first in the juniors category.

Aleen said:

I began to use fitness as my outlet. I had never worked out with a barbell in my life but I knew that I needed a change, I knew I needed to make a change, and I was willing to take risks.

As a powerlifter, carbs are your best friend and everyone gravitated towards my love for this food. I went from weighing 182lbs in January 2018 to weighing in at 155lbs in June 2018.

I was officially TheFitPizzaGirl and it didn’t stop there. During this time I was growing my brand on Instagram and gained 60k followers in six months.

The Pizza Fit Girl, Aleen N JohnsonJam Press

Aleen can now squat 242lbs, bench 143lbs – a weight which is just 10lbs less than her own weight – and deadlift 308lbs, a feat she puts down to the powers of pizza.

The powerlifter says she is looking forward to continuing to use her social media platforms to talk openly about fitness, mental health, body positivity, and pizza (obviously).

Aleen’s enlistment in the US Air Force ends this August.

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Lucy Connolly
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