Italian Man Has Hilarious Response When Fiancée Asks For Pineapple On Pizza

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Italian Man Has Hilarious Response When Fiancée Asks For Pineapple On PizzaPA Images/@carloandsarah/TikTok

An Italian man was hilariously frank with his fianceé when she asked to go Hawaiian with her pizza.

It’s probably the most divisive question in the pizza world: pineapple, or no pineapple? Some people appreciate the sweet and savoury blend, the gentle acidity of the fruit with the saltiness of the cheese. Others simply can’t stand the taste of it, often viewing it as not just unpleasant, but morally wrong.

While you won’t be faced with quite the level of antagonism people believe, Italians are generally more purist with their pizza, and pineapple doesn’t really belong.


Posted by Carlo and Sarah (@carloandsarah) on TikTok, the video shows the couple out at a restaurant, when she asks, ‘Carlo, do you think if I ask for pineapple on a pizza, they’d give it to me?’

‘I don’t know, but if you do something so, I can’t continue to live here,’ he replies. Sarah then says she doesn’t get what’s wrong with it, because everyone does it in America.

‘I know that they do it in America. I try it, it’s okay, it’s good, I can’t say it isn’t good. But if somebody knows that you’re my fianceé and here you ask for pineapple, I have to leave here,’ he explained. ‘So dramatic,’ Sarah says, to which he replies, ‘So dramatic! Pineapple on the pizza!’

'Pineapple on the pizza!' (@carloandsarah/TikTok)@carloandsarah/TikTok

The video has been viewed nearly 13 million times, with debate unfolding in the comments about whether pineapple should go on pizza. ‘That was legit the only reaction one should have about pineapple on a pizza! Period,’ one user wrote. ‘I feel the same way! It’s a terrible thing to do to pineapple and pizza for that matter,’ another wrote.

‘What’s so wrong about pineapple on pizza, it’s great,’ one user argued on the other side. ‘So they know it’s good but they refuse to accept it,’ another commented. ‘I don’t get the hate. It’s something that’s actually good and actually SMACKS,’ a third wrote.

It's just wrong. (PA Images)PA Images

Several people just really enjoy Carlo’s hand gesture and the emphatic way he says, ‘So dramatic! Pineapple on the pizza.’

‘New favourite quote,’ one wrote. ‘I love Italians getting mad at food,’ another wrote. ‘He was ready to go off at the end there,’ a third commented. ‘I feel this on an emotional level,’ a fourth wrote.

At the end of the day, we can all like what we like… but pineapple on pizza is rank.

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    Carlo has had it with me🤣

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