Chocolate Fan Left Fuming After Auditing Christmas Tins


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A Quality Street buyer was left furious after they stopped to count just how many of each chocolate the tin actually contained.

I’m used to being ripped off by crisps, popping open the bag to realise that it’s barely half full, but chocolates too? What is the world coming to?


A chocolate reviewer, calling themselves Inequality Street on Twitter, decided to get to the bottom of the stinginess once and for all.

The chocolate lover bought a tin of Quality Street and a tin of Cadbury’s Roses to see how generous their rations of chocolate were compared to one another, and the results were scandalous.

In an 800g Quality Street tin, the consumer discovered that compared to an impressive 12 Caramel Swirls, there were only a measly four Green Triangles, Mirror reports.


However, the Cadbury’s Roses tin featured an equal and fair amount of 10 Caramels to 10 Golden Barrels.

Moreover, the overall weight of the Quality Street tin was a total inclusive of the weight of the wrappers, whereas the Roses weighed an impressive 18g more when the wrappers were added.

The customer explained:

On first viewing it definitely appears to be a case of Quality Street by name, Inequality Street by nature with a whopping disparity of 12 Caramel Swirls (14.3%) to a measly 4 Green Triangles (4.8%).

Delve a little deeper and the picture is even more bleak for the delicious 3-sided featherweight: Weighing in at just 8.2g each, their 32.8g contribution to the tin represents an even more paltry 4.1% of the overall 800g tin – Hang your heads in shame, Quality Street!

Over at Cadburys things definitely seem to be far more democratic with a top to bottom spread of 10 Golden Barrels and 10 Caramels (13.2% each) to 7 Signature Truffles (9.2%).


They concluded by giving an ‘honourable mention to the folks at Bournville’ for the overall weight of their chocolates and called on Quality Street to be a ‘bit more generous with their accounts’ by chucking in another two Green Triangles.

However, the customer may have just picked an unlucky tin, as despite agreeing that the Quality Street tin ‘appears to be uneven’, another investigator noted that a ‘bigger sample’ would be needed to ‘understand the natural variations’.

Another said:


Suspicions Confirmed! Never enough of The Purple One! A great Math provocation for data too!

A third commented: ‘I am always taken aback at how many of those circular gold toffees there are. I put them straight in the bin as the ratio of toffee cost to filing replacement cost is off the scale.’

A spokesperson from Nestle noted that Quality Street selections are ‘balanced […] by grouping the sweets into three categories that [it] knows [it’s] consumers love’. From ‘fruits’ to ‘toffees and fudge,’ to ‘nuts, chocolates and caramels’, each of the categories make up ‘roughly […] a third of the total’.


They explained that the company doesn’t ‘give exact numbers for each sweet as the contents may vary’.

‘We know that Quality Street fans feel very passionately about their own particular favourites, so we ensure there is something for everyone within the mix,’ they concluded.

If you’re that furious upon finding a meagre number of your favourites, or if you’re struggling to find someone a Secret Santa present, then you can go and create your own perfect box via the Quality Street website.

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    Quality Street fan fumes after counting to see how many sweets there really are

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