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What To Watch After Finishing Squid Game - Netflix Netflix

If, like me, you binge-watch a new series in a matter of days and then hate yourself as you’re sat there wondering what to now do with your evenings, then look no further. 

You may still feel shell-shocked, disorientated and empty after having finished the new Netflix hit, but all is not lost, for there are other television series and movies which you can now begin.


Squid Game may seem unable to beat, with Netflix now subsequently being sued due to the colossal traffic surge the series caused after its September 17 release, but keep an open mind to some similar suggestions below.

If you wanted more survival, gory and game show vibes, then this is where to look.

Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix

Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator and director of Squid Game, told Variety how he gained inspiration for the series from Battle Royale comics, as per InsiderSo if you were hunting for something graphic that also focuses on survival and childhood then this 2002 movie is just that.


The Japanese Netflix series Alice in Borderland also serves a perfect follow-up to Squid Game in how it focuses on games in the form of video games and a parallel universe. Unlike Squid Game, the series involves participants working together in a collection of games in order to survive, rather than competing against one another, TV Guide reports. However, you will be pleased to know that it still contains all the gruesome gore you desire.

In similar game-show style is South Korean film A Million, directed by Min-ho Cho, first released in 2009. It involves eight reality TV show contestants trapped on an Australian island, fighting for survival and 1 billion won (about $845,000), Yahoo! News reports.

In another dystopian setting, is Portuguese science-fiction series 3%. In the series, young adults have to compete in a  series of challenges to become the final 3% who will then be able to leave the Inland for the Offshore. The Inland is where the poorer live in appalling conditions compared to the Offshore, which houses 3% of the population in pristine utopian conditions, Insider reports.


While it may be less graphic, it still makes many a political comment and features competitive games and challenges. You can find all four seasons of the series on Netflix.

As The Gods Will is based on similar children’s games as Squid Game, with a group of students forced to play, according to Yahoo! News. It is an adaptation from a manga series of the same name and was first released in 2014 and features similarly creepy-looking dolls as the one featured in episode one of Squid Game. 

Recently added to Netflix is Darwin’s Game, which is also about a game being brought into real life. According to Insider, it is probably closest to Squid Game, due to the brutality of its violence and how all characters in the game are participating due to money issues or other controversial problems.


With a more escape room-type vibe is Exam, which features eight participants taking part in a test for a job, set in the one same room, Insider reports.

British series Black Mirror offers similar critical analysis of political issues and future technological developments, and The Hunger Games trilogy features a similar fight to the death scenario.

Fuelled by a similar greed for money is Rat Race, which gives a similar commentary on class and hierarchy as well as a group of people being tempted with money if they race to a finish line, according to Insider.


Army of the Dead, despite humans being set against super zombies instead of their own kind, makes you hide behind your hands as you squeal at the television just as much as Squid Game. 

Another zombie movie is #Alive which is a Korean thriller set in an apocalypse, TV Guide reports. It is similarly available on Netflix and focuses on survival.

So, if like me, you have been sat on your lunch break or come home after work to an empty flat, feeling aimless as to how to spend your evening, then get on some of these suggestions and fill that Squid Game-shaped hole in your life.

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