Vin Diesel Says He’s ‘Dying’ To Do A Fast & Furious Musical


Vin Diesel Says He's 'Dying' To Do A Fast & Furious MusicalUniversal Pictures/PA Images

With nine movies under its belt, it’s hard to think of any new ground left for the Fast & Furious franchise to tread.

But it turns out that Vin Diesel still has some pretty out-there ideas for where the iconic film series could go next, admitting that he’s ‘dying’ to take on a musical role.


The discussion came about during an appearance by the actor on The Kelly Clarkson Show, when the host jokingly raised the idea of a Fast & Furious musical. To her surprise, Diesel seemed surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea, revealing, ‘I’ve been dying to do a musical my whole life.’

Vin Diesel admitted he was a huge musical theatre fan (PA Images)PA Images

While the actor didn’t have any specific ideas for what a F&F musical might actually look like, he admitted that one of his major goals in his career was to take on a musical role, revealing that he’d even come close to being cast in a classic musical theatre show in the past.

‘I was this close to doing Guys and Dolls with Steven Spielberg, but we ended up not doing that,’ he told Clarkson, going on to share that one of his dream roles was to play Frank Sinatra’s character of Nathan Detroit.


Perhaps coincidentally, Diesel was appearing on the very same show on which he launched his unexpected music career last year, when he premiered his track Feel Like I Do. Speaking about his attempts to become a double-threat with Clarkson, he reminisced about how ‘the actors of old used to be dancers and singers’, and revealed that he wanted to replicate that kind of career himself.

But even so, the topic seemed to take Clarkson by surprise, as she told the actor, ‘The fact that we’re talking about musical theatre right now, I’m gonna be real, I didn’t know this was gonna happen.’

So who knows, maybe the tenth Fast & Furious installment could look – and sound – a whole lot different than people are expecting.


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The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube
  1. The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

    Vin Diesel Wants To Do A 'Fast & Furious' Musical

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