Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke Says Midnight Sun Movie Would Be Great

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BRB while I dust off my ‘Team Jacob’ t-shirt, because the director of the first Twilight film thinks a Midnight Sun movie would be great.

Following Stephanie Meyer releasing the fifth book of the Twilight saga yesterday, August 4, director Catherine Hardwicke was asked her thoughts on doing a movie of it.

Midnight Sun is a companion novel to Meyer’s 2005 book Twilight, which sees the story being told from Edward Cullen’s perspective instead of Bella Swan’s. Meyer had actually started writing the book back in 2008, but after its first five chapters were leaked online, the author put the book on hold.

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Now, after its release a whole 12 years later, Hardwicke thinks a movie of it ‘could be great’.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, she said:

I think it could be great. It was kind of fun because when we started on Twilight she had written the first five chapters of it. So she told Robert [Pattinson] and I about it and said, ‘Would you guys want to read it? Because maybe it’ll help Rob as he develops his character.’

We got to read those five chapters, which, of course, ended up being leaked. So everybody got to read that. I think it’s fascinating when you’re seeing it from a whole different perspective. I think that’s fun. It would be so cool.

People on social media have had mixed responses to the idea of another Twilight movie.

One person said:

Consider this the Twilight movie saved us from the 2008 recession it only makes sense for Midnight Sun to save us from the next one. The markets and the government have never done anything good for me only Twilight has

Meanwhile, someone else said, ‘Why did I just see someone say under a Midnight Sun post that they hope they make it into a movie??? Are people really asking for another Twilight?’

Others have hilariously responded to the idea of Robert Pattinson starring in the movie, and what his reaction would be to being asked.

Twilight fans have also been quick to point out that it wouldn’t make sense doing a Midnight Sun movie because it would basically be the same as the first one.

One person said, ‘how do we make people actually understand that midnight sun won’t be made into a movie because the movie already exists,’ while another person tweeted, ‘Why do people want a Midnight Sun movie? Twilight could just be edited with a voice over.’

I mean, they have a point…

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    Catherine Hardwicke: ‘Twilight’ DirectorThinks A ‘Midnight Sun’ Movie ‘CouldBe Great’

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