Tommy Fury’s Old Facebook Is Absolute Comedy Gold

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Tommy Fury old facebookThomas Fury/Facebook

Anyone tuning into this year’s Love Island will be aware of Tommy Fury – professional boxer, ladies man, and awful cook (I’m sorry but what was that sandwich?).

If none of that is ringing any bells, he’s the one who claimed his head wouldn’t be turned if Beyoncé or Rihanna walked in the villa and then proceeded to have his head turned by both Molly-Mae and Maura as soon as they walked in.

Basically, he’s made quite the name for himself in the few short days he’s been on the show. Despite his TV fame setting Tommy apart from the rest of us in many ways, it seems the 20-year-old can relate to us on at least one level.

Tommy Fury love islandITV2

That level being his ridiculously embarrassing Facebook page from when he was a teenager, something which I can relate to on a spiritual level.

That’s right, before his sun-kissed Love Island days, Tommy loved to broadcast every aspect of his life on the social media platform – as we all did at that age.

I mean come on, who didn’t make a complete embarrassment of themselves at least once a day by posting brilliantly informative statuses like ‘I’m bored lol,’ or ‘OMG just laffed so hard I fell off ma chair xo’. Before you ask, no, those aren’t real examples…

Don’t worry though, because Tommy produced some absolute belters too:

In what I can only assume is a Bruno Mars reference, the then-13-year-old professed his love for a girl called Megan, writing: ‘Megan I would catch a grenade for you’.

Clearly the couple were still together three months later – who could resist those charming ways – because Tommy then wrote perhaps my favourite post ever, proving he’s always been the smooth-talking gent we’ve seen for the past week in the villa.

The post read:

I dedicate my rugby match to you megan i love u with all my hartttttt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Who even knew you could dedicate a rugby match to someone? Not me. Not stopping there, the boxer also professed his love for Spongebob – proving Hannah Montana wasn’t the only children’s show he loved.

Tommy Fury old facebookThomas Fury/Facebook

Sadly, we haven’t seen the younger brother of Tyson Fury dedicate anything to anyone in the villa so far – although he certainly seems to be dedicating all his time to Maura, much to Molly-Mae’s annoyance.

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.

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Thomas Fury/Facebook
  1. Thomas Fury/Facebook

    Thomas Fury

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