TikToker Shows You Know A Film Character Isn’t A Villain If They Are Using An iPhone

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TikToker Shows You Know A Film Character Isn't A Villain If They Are Using An iPhonefoundinfilm/TikTok/PA Images

We all love a good murder mystery movie, but one TikToker has pointed out that the bad guy can often be spotted even before they’ve done anything wrong – simply by keeping an eye on what phone they use. 

It’s no secret that Android users often get a bad rep, and I can say this with confidence as I myself fall into this category. My iPhone-carrying friends often scoff at my device, despite the fact it’s always the one we use to take pictures, and the TikTok account FoundInFilm has offered an explanation as to what may fuel this stigma.

The university student, who describes himself as someone who has ‘seen a few films’, quoted Knives Out director Rian Johnson as he explained that Apple is very specific about the way its phones can be used in films.

Check out his video below:

The TikToker argued that Apple’s rules about product placement ‘completely spoiled’ murder mystery Knives Out ‘before it was even released’, as Johnson revealed that the company won’t let villains be seen on screen using an iPhone.

As a result, anyone who doesn’t use an iPhone in films has the potential to be the bad guy, which might just explain why my Apple-loving friends are so averse to embracing any other brand.

The film fan explained:

[This] just means that in a whodunnit like this that any character using an iPhone can’t be the villain.

Knives Out character holding iPhone (FoundInFilm/TikTok)FoundInFilm/TikTok

To further evidence his point, the TikToker ran through a number of Knives Out characters and pointed out that many of them could be ruled out as the villain as they were spotted with an iPhone. He then pointed out that there was only one character who was seen with a different device; Ransom Drysdale – aka the bad guy played by Chris Evans.

Johnson first revealed this interesting stipulation while speaking to Vanity Fair last year, when he admitted that the knowledge did create an overarching spoiler for every movie featuring a secret villain.

He commented, ‘Every single film-maker who has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now.’

Knives Out characters (Lionsgate)Lionsgate

While Apple’s rules about the use of its products might seem overbrearing, Darryl Collis, director of product placement specialists Seesaw Media, has said it isn’t actually that unusual.

Per The Guardian, he explained that ‘all brands have stipulations for how they want to be used and seen on screen’, with some brands not wanting to be associated with bad characters, alcohol brands aiming to avoid being associated with irresponsible drinking, and carmakers refusing to have their vehicles involved in crashes.

While you might never be able to watch a murder mystery the same way again, at least you’ll be able to wow any friends with your ‘instincts’ about who the killer turns out to be.

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    Knives out is still a great film though

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