There’s Now A Fake Netflix For Made-Up Films And TV Shows


There's Now A Fake Netflix For Made-Up Films And TV ShowsNestflix/20th Century Fox/Warner Bros.

Threat Level Midnight, Satan’s Alley, Angels With Filthy Souls; cinema’s finest fictional movies and TV shows finally have a home.

While movies often reference other films that actually exist, some create their own made-up films and shows for their characters to watch, like Amy Schumer and John Cena going to the cinema for Daniel Radcliffe’s The Dogwalker in Trainwreck, or Jim, Pam and Andy watching Jack Black’s Mrs. Albert Hannaday in The Office.


Tropic Thunder is one of the most famous examples, boasting the likes of Satan’s Alley – ‘I’ve been a bad, bad boy father’ – with Tobey Maguire, Simple Jack, The Fatties and the Scorcher franchise.

Welcome to Nestflix, a huge platform of movies and shows within movies and shows, ‘made with love’ by Lynn Fisher. ‘Are you like me and love a fake movie within a movie? Or show within a show? Check out Nestflix: the only platform for your favorite nested films and tv shows,’ she tweeted with its launch on August 11.

There’s more than 400 to peruse, all featuring quotes, synopsises, stills, the fictional cast and director and the original film in which it appears. ‘Please don’t send me a cease and desist! It’s just a wiki doing some cosplay,’ Fisher also wrote.


The creator initially started taking suggestions for the site but has since been forced to pause the submission form due to her bursting inbox.

Meanwhile, you can scroll through the remarkably researched selection. There’s Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Itchy & Scratchy Movie from The Simpsons, Pineapple Express 2: Blood Red from This is the End, Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jack Slater’s entire filmography from Last Action Hero and Chris Evans’ Lucas Lee collection from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Of course, there’s also the entire Jump Street collection, all the way through 29 Jump Street with Seth Rogen to 2121 Jump Street in space. Reminder: you can watch the entirety of Michael Scott’s Threat Level Midnight


While the submission form is still paused at the time of writing, you can keep it bookmarked here.

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