The Simpsons Praised For Featuring One-Breasted Cancer Survivor

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The Simpsons Praised For Featuring One-Breasted Cancer Survivor20th Television

The Simpsons has been praised after introducing a one-breasted cancer survivor in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

On the most recent episode of the long-running sitcom, viewers met a new character in Dr. Wendy Sage, a hypnotherapist and breast cancer survivor who had a unilateral mastectomy. As well as visibly only having one breast, she also has a scar from the port-o-cath used to deliver chemotherapy.

Sage was voiced by Renee Ridgeley, who’s also a breast cancer survivor and the wife of the show’s current co-showrunner Matt Selman.

In an interview with Yahoo Life, Ridgely said, ‘Sage shows up as exactly who she is now. By living openly as a one-breasted woman, she sends a message of acceptance and wholeness celebrated by individuals in marginalised groups.’

Instagram account @lessthantwobreasts, which shares ‘photo-bios of women with 1 or no breasts after cancer treatment/prevention’, shared its own bio of Sage’s character.

‘Living out loud as a one-breasted woman is an opportunity to celebrate survivorship and honour my body for all it endured during treatment… a boob is a small price to pay for more time on this amazing planet,’ it reads.

Fans took to Twitter to thank the show for marking the campaign so respectfully. ‘Many thanks to #TheSimpsons. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month done well,’ one wrote.

‘The latest episode of The Simpsons had a character who survived breast cancer and had a unilateral mastectomy and they were just a character in a genuinely funny and heartwarming episode… made me teary,’ another tweeted. ‘The Simpsons was RIGHT to show the port scar on a character who survived Breast Cancer. It’s the mark of a survivor,’ a third wrote.

The episode also followed Lisa as she developed a complex over Marge’s comment that she’d gotten a bit ‘chunky’, earning sweeping praise across social media. ‘I basically only watch new Simpsons out of muscle memory but the one tonight, which is about how casual body-talk by mothers can give daughters a complex, is one of the best I’ve seen in years,’ another wrote.

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Yahoo Life
  1. Yahoo Life

    The newest 'Simpsons' character is a hypnotherapist breast cancer survivor with 'uniboob.' Here's her inspiring backstory.

Cameron Frew
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