The Boys Season Two Is Rated 97% Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

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The Boys Season Two Is Rated 97% Fresh On Rotten TomatoesAmazon Studios

The Boys are well and truly back in town: season two of Amazon Prime’s hit show has bagged a 97% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Back in 2019, audiences got to relish a new kind of superhero story. Sure, Deadpool subverted the genre with fourth-wall breaks. Yeah, HBO’s Watchmen broke incredible sociopolitical barriers. But Amazon had something ‘f*cking diabolical’ up its sleeve.


The Boys, based on the comicbook series of the same name and brought to life by showrunner Eric Kripke, was an immediate success: bloody, sweary, bleak, hilarious and very, very close to the bone. Its second season has upped the ante, much to the delight of critics it seems.

The Boys HomelanderAmazon Studios

The second season is currently resting at 97%, with 56 Fresh reviews and only two Rotten. The first three episodes of season two just dropped on the platform yesterday, September 4, with the subsequent parts being released on a weekly basis – just like the old days.

Those three episodes give you more than a taste of what’s to come: hands get ripped off, a whale is impaled with a speedboat, heads explode. Oh, and Homelander is still a massive, terrifying d*ck. It’s par for the course for The Boys, and people cannot get enough of its twisted joy.


In his review of the entire season for NPR, Eric Deggans wrote, ‘This story about corporate created superheroes has morphed from a dark satire of costumed super saviors – centered on a handsome, blond version of Superman who is secretly a merciless psychopath – to an even darker satire of our politically-divided times.’

He added, ‘That makes for a wonderfully subversive, cynically entertaining piece of work.’

Amazon Studios

For CNN, Brian Lowry wrote, ‘This series manages not only to be exciting and unpredictable but to examine the perils of hero worship in a manner that’s mind-blowing in more ways than one, and incidentally, absolutely not for the squeamish.’

Fortunately, when season two draws to a close, The Boys aren’t going anywhere – Amazon has already renewed the show for a third season, and Kripke has plenty of plans in store.

The Boys Homelander 2Amazon Studios

In a recent interview with, Kripke explained, ‘I am smart enough now to not publicly say endpoints for my series. That said, I think five years is a nice round number on this one and I can’t say I have a beat-for-beat plan.’


He added, ‘I would say I know that here, I know where I want it to come down to and the final face-offs and that we’re slowly but surely, even as we’re building season three, building to those.’

The first three episodes of the The Boys‘ second season are available to stream on Amazon Prime now. If you need a catch-up on the events of the first season, we’ve got you covered.

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